yo my, it’s friday

Not to be confused with this sort of Friday.  Oh, Rebecca Black… you suck, but your song is way to catchy.

Friday ended up being an absolutely beautiful day spent outside teaching PE.  The two reasons I love my job:  I can wear workout clothes to work, and I get to spend every nice day outside all day long.  Guaranteed I end up with one heck of a farmer’s tan by the time June rolls around, but it’s totally worth it.

Ice cream has been on my mind a lot lately.  OK, I know I write a blog about ice cream/frozen custard, but I honestly really hadn’t been craving it until this week.  I really haven’t been craving sweets much at all… until this week.

Wednesday night involved my leftover Fritz’s from a few weeks ago; Thursday night was a scoop of Fritz’s from a quart we bought a month or so ago topped with some chocolate covered raisins (which really needs to be an option on any frozen custard stand menu); and last night involved a little lighter decision.

Yo My Goodness
We made a trip out to the one in Webster Groves about 6 months ago for my birthday.  Since then, they opened one in St. Peters, just a short 15 minute drive from home (instead of the 45 minutes out to Webster).  The thing I love about frozen yogurt places is that you can have more than one flavor, and Lord knows I’m extremely indecisive.

I decided to go for peanut butter (duh), yellow cake batter (duh again), and I’ve really been on a blueberry kick lately, so I squirted a little bit of that in there too.  Toppings included granola (which might be even better than chocolate covered raisins), chocolate shavings, and just a little bit of cookie dough pieces, just because I could.


The yellow cake batter was by far my favorite.  The blueberry was almost too tart for my liking.  I ate that first just to get it out of the way.  The peanut butter was alright.  Next time I will be getting the grasshopper flavor that Matt got because it was awesome.  (I honestly have no idea what was in his – I was too focused on eating my own.)

It definitely curbed my ice cream craving.  I will just have to figure out a way to convince Matt to go out for ice cream every night now.

  • i already asked brad if we can go get fro-yo tonight! this weather is NOT fun for this cold-loving wisconsin girl! i seriously have been sweating all day. lol, not fun!
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