wiaw: too close to care

OK, I’ll admit that I’m pretty much to the point in my pregnancy where I’m done caring what I’m eating.  Well, at least to a point.  I have eaten so much better this pregnancy than I did when I was pregnant with MacKenna.  With MacKenna, it was all about french fries and chocolate.  With Moose, I’ve actually kept up with some pretty good eating habits.

However, lately, I’ve gotten a lot more careless.  It doesn’t help that it’s gotten cold and all I want is carbs and comfort food.  I’ve probably had a little too much vegetarian stuffing and gravy than I care to admit.  My diet has been very beige in color, with a very high emphasis in carbs.  But, I think my mind is just so focused on being so close to the end that I just want to eat what I’m craving and not worry too much about the fact that I’m probably lacking a bunch of nutrients.  I’ve eaten well the majority of my pregnancy to make up for that, right?!

Examples include…

Shakeology (made with a banana) and Oatmeal Squares Cereal


Vegetarian Polish Dill Pickle Soup (a cliche pregnancy meal, except that the hubby suggested it, not the pregnant gal) with a mini sleeve of Ritz crackers


Several handfuls of pretzels from my desk


Along with several handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds from my Secret Santa (those hit the spot for sure)


Mexican rice bowls with tortilla chips (at least I got some veggies here, right?!)


And, something I haven’t had in YEARS but one of my all-time favorite treats… Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes (by far the best snack cake in the entire world)


Carbs?  Yes.  Sweets?  Yes.  I wish I could admit that I was carb loading for a long labor, but we all know that’s not the case.  We’ll just say that I’m trying to enjoy the last few days of my pregnancy by eating what I want and not caring about what I’m lacking.  At least I’m getting my prenatals, right?!

Thanks for the linkup again Jen!

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