wiaw: that’s convenient…

As many parents know, sometimes when it comes to meals for ourselves, we have to find something that is quick and easy.  Sometimes we even have to find those meals with one hand as we attempt to console a screaming baby.  Currently, I spend the majority of my day with one or both kiddos, who are constantly needing my time and attention.  Either Miles is crying and wants his pacifier or to be held.  Or Kenna is needing something, and even if she doesn’t need something, she’ll pretend like she does.  (Her current thing is, “I need… something…”  Yeah, kiddo, I’m on to you…)  So, my meals lately are completely what is the most convenient thing for me.


Breakfast is typically a Shakeology smoothie.  This one is banana, peanut butter (White Chocolate Wonderful, to be exact), and vegan chocolate ShakeO.  Definitely my favorite lately!


Obviously, a recycled picture.  Cereal was not included in this meal…

Cashews are the most convenient snack for me and are eaten while nursing Miles and reading books to Kenna.  It’s probably my favorite part of the day, and is becoming my favorite “meal” of the day as well.


I make a big pot of soup every Sunday simply because I can have the leftovers for lunch throughout the week.  (Don’t mind the half eaten bowl…)  Plus, some Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and granola for a lunch dessert.



My post-workout snack yesterday was an apple with cheese, made with one hand.  Well, the cheese was – I ran back and forth trying to get the apple cut to stick a paci in Miles’ mouth so he didn’t wake up his sister during her nap.


Matt had parent-teacher conferences last night, so I was on my own for dinner.  I went to my parents’ house to run on their treadmill (I’m avoiding taking Miles to the gym until he’s a few months older and it’s not cold and flu season) and we didn’t leave there until 5:45.  So, we went a little out of our way to get some drive-thru yumminess from Crazy Bowls and Wraps.  If you haven’t tried the veggie fajita bowl yet, you’re missing out…


I decided to have some of Kenna’s kid cereal for dessert because it was there and she hasn’t been eating it, so someone has to!  And I ate every last bite, all by myself, while BOTH kids were in bed.  Definitely the second best part of my day…