wiaw: snowed in

In case you hadn’t heard (or saw from the millions of pictures I posted), it snowed on Sunday.  Like, a lot…



We ended up getting a little more than 12 inches of snow where I live.  The most I have ever seen in a 24 hour period.  We even had some thunder snow, which was very cool.

Instead of going out to play, snow days mean we fire up the oven (and stove) and get a little domestic.  It’s much warmer that way!

We started the morning with some delicious blueberry oatmeal pancakes.  I was trying to get them done quickly (MacKenna was starving – and so was her Mama), so I didn’t let the oats soak for the recommended 15 minutes and the pancakes ended up being a little more liquid-y than they probably should have been, but they turned out great!

wiaw-blueberry pancakes-2

Lunch was pretty boring.  A plate of apples, cheese, and crackers.  Love this combination!  One of my favorite easy lunches when nothing else sounds good.


Matt decided to get in on the domestic action in the afternoon and whipped up a batch of 30-minute yeast rolls to go with the Minestrone I was making for dinner.  The rolls melted in your mouth and the minestrone was the perfect combination of tomato, broth, and veggies.  A perfect snow day dinner!

wiaw-minestrone and roll

And of course, dessert!  My mom gave me some overripe bananas to use,  but I just wasn’t feeling banana bread.  Instead, I found this awesome recipe for banana bread scones – they turned out totally delicious!

wiaw-banana bread scone

Who needs to play in the snow when you have delicious, warm bread and scones inside?!

What do you do on a snow day?  Do you snuggle up inside or brave the cold and play?

  • Erika

    I would love to know the Banana Bread Scone recipe!!!

    And as much as I really do love snow… winter must end soon! Sure is pretty and cozy though.

  • I am a fellow cheese and crackers lover – it’s also one of my go-to lunches – especially if i’m on the go and need something I can take with me.

    I hate the cold – so I’m always the one bundled up inside in blankets, hoodies, socks and sipping on a hot cup of tea – and it doesn’t even snow in Australia!
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