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3 weeks already?  I’m starting to understand why people say to enjoy this time now because it goes by fast.

MacKenna Week 3

I’m so thankful that MacKenna has been such a good baby! #knockonwood  She’s a night owl and wants to stay up until 11 or 11:30 usually, but once she’s asleep, she’s out for the night.  I am still waking her up every couple of hours to eat, but am starting to let her sleep a little longer and let her dictate when she wants to eat at night.

Although I’m completely sleep deprived at this point, I really do like nursing her at night.  We have the whole breastfeeding thing down, so we’re usually only up 30 to 45 minutes feeding and then she goes right back to sleep.  It’s such a great bonding experience and I really think her cute little personality comes out when she is nursing.  I swear, home girl is going to be a riot!

Other exciting things this week:

Baby’s weight:  we’re thinking she’s around 6 pounds now, which means we can use the swing + bouncer, which she likes sometimes
Umbilical cord:  finally fell off Monday!
Diaper changes:  too many to count, and I do most of them since I’m basically on call 24 hours a day + Matt is working
Number of times I’ve been pooped on this week:  2, usually her first one of the day – I need more changing pad covers
Number of hours of sleep Mama is getting: 5 or 6, though not consecutive
Number of hours of sleep MacKenna is getting:  depends… sometimes she will sleep all day, other times she will be up all day and wanting to be held
Mama + Baby outings:  4 – grocery store, mall (to get a baby shower gift), baby shower, and to pick up her christening gown


(I had a few questions about her weekly pictures:  The idea is in fact from Young House Love.  I pretty much do the exact same things they do, except I use a free photo editing program and I am still learning the dSLR camera – obviously – so my pics aren’t nearly as good.)

3 weeks also means another What I Ate Wednesday



Alright, 2 weeks in a row I was able to make oatmeal on the stove top.  Delicious pumpkin oats topped with a ginger snap cookie, shredded coconut, and peanut butter.


The ginger snap cookie was an amazing addition.  I’m not a huge fan of ginger, but it was just sweet + spicy enough to compliment the pumpkin.  Yum!


I was starving by 11 AM (I ate breakfast around 8) so I snacked on a string cheese.  Nothing too exciting but held me over until lunch.


Thank goodness for my fabulous mom!  She’s still been coming over on her lunch hour to hold MacKenna for a little while.  It gives me a chance to sit down and eat lunch – and have some adult interaction during the day.


I had some leftovers from last night – quinoa + roasted veggies – that I put on a bed of lettuce and added some Daiya cheddar cheese, balsamic + hot sauce.


There was a delicious slice of sour dough bread with butter on the side but I forgot to take a picture of it (‘twas toasting when I took my horrible salad shots).



I was craving something sweet and cereal sounded awesome.  Kashi Go Lean Crunch with raisins hit the spot.  Although, it was a little messy since I was holding a sleepy baby at the time – and watching Glee.  I am watching it on streaming Netflix and am loving it!  Hopefully I don’t catch up too soon since I’m not recording the current season.


I forgot to photograph dinner but it was dark anyway and we have the worst lighting in our house, so an old photograph will do.


Homemade pizza with veggies + black beans for some extra protein.  My absolute favorite dinner!


Gotta have something sweet to end the night.  Peanut butter M&M’s, because it was my turn to hold the baby since she was refusing to sleep and sit on her own.  She is good most of the time, I swear. 

Are you guys interested in getting baby updates?  She’s not real exciting right now (I joke that the cat is more interesting right now since MacKenna still isn’t smiling or recognizing faces yet), but it’s fun to note her changes from week to week.