wiaw: daily eats at 8 months pregnant

So, it’s been months since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday.  I will admit that I do hesitate sharing what I eat while pregnant because I feel that everyone has an opinion on what I should or shouldn’t be eating and how much I should be eating.  I will preface this by saying that I am an intuitive eater – I try to listen to my body as much as possible as far as what to eat and how much to eat.  Does that always mean that I make the best choices?  Oh, heck no!  And I will be the first to admit that I am far from the healthiest eater on the planet.  But, please know that I do think about what I am feeding my baby and how much I should be eating.  In addition, I have been gaining just the right amount of weight for my pregnancy, so I think how and what I’ve been eating has been working for me.

OK, enough of that.  Here is my day of eats, 8 months in to my pregnancy.  Definitely far from perfect (gosh darnit, I like sweets!), but still pretty good, and I went to bed satisfied and not stuffed, which is always a win for me.  Of course, I did have a bit of heartburn from dinner, but large glassed of water certainly help with that.


Oops – forgot to take a picture before I devoured it.  I started drinking Shakeology a few months ago and have fallen in love with it!  I definitely think it helps curb my cravings because when I don’t drink it in the morning, my eating seems to be much much worse.  As far as giving me more energy though, I really can’t judge because I’m always exhausted!  Ha!

So, every morning I drink a scoop of vegan chocolate Shakeology mixed with banana and milk, and a cup of dry Quaker Oatmeal Squares on the side in my car on the way to work.  Keeps me full until lunch most days!



I took a half day yesterday in order to take MacKenna to the doctor, and sadly spent most of the afternoon working on homework.  Only 3 weeks left and as long as I continue getting 100% on my papers, I don’t have to take the final, so as much as I would have rather gone and gotten a massage with my extra time, working on homework was well worth it.

I decided that it would probably be a better idea to do my homework someplace other than home otherwise I would be tempted to just take a nap all afternoon.  So, Bread Co. was my lunch of choice.  I absolutely LOVE their Autumn Squash soup, with a tomato and mozzarella panini on the side.


I lasted about 15 minutes trying to do homework before I gave up because the amount of people there at lunch time was way too distracting for me to work.  So, I ended up heading home and got a good chunk of it done.  Still have to work on it more tonight before it’s due tomorrow, but at least I’m not too far behind.


One of my absolute favorite meals, and one of the easiest too – Mexican Quinoa Casserole.  So delicious with tortilla chips!  And an added bonus, MacKenna loved it as well (as long as we call it rice and not quinoa).



I had some trail mix in the car on my way to pick up MacKenna for her doctor’s appointment.  And of course, a few cookies after dinner, all to satisfy my sweet tooth.  There were also some Starburst, a Reese’s, and another cookie in there at some point too.  Plus plenty of chiplets (crumbs at the end of the tortilla chip bag) during dinner.

IMG_0015Thanks as always to Jen for hosting another week of WIAW!  It’s been awhile for me, but I’m happy to be sharing my eats again!  Who else is linking up today?

  • Lee

    I like Shakeology too. I wish it wasn’t so expensive though. And for what it’s worth, I think your pregnancy eats look pretty healthy.

  • Jessie Gipe

    Being 7+ months pregnant I’ve learned that people will judge you for what you eat & do not eat. But you know, it’s not them feeding their body & knowing what my Dr. is saying @ each appointment. If I feel satisfied & know I’m giving my twin girls the nutrients they need then I’m a happy lady.

  • Wow, people need to get over it. Your day looks totally fine.

    I think it’s super cool you’ve been doing intuitive eating. And that mexican quinoa casserole looks absolutely amazing. I love quinoa bowl dishes.

    Happy eating!
    Kay @ http://www.kaybueno.com