wiaw: cabin fever

Today is Snow Day #5.  I no longer have MLK Day, President’s Day, or the day after Easter off, plus 2 additional days tacked on to the end of the school year.  I’m not complaining though.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the extra week off to spend with Matt and MacKenna.  But, I will admit that I am starting to get a little stir crazy hanging at home all day long.  I have a feeling we shall be venturing out somewhere today as I don’t think I can stand sitting at home much longer.  (The neighborhood roads aren’t clear enough for buses to pick kids up, but main roads are just fine.)

We have been trying to keep ourselves entertained as much as possible while at home though.  I tend to get bored easily and I can tell MacKenna follows in my footsteps since she plays for a toy for all of 2 minutes before moving on to another one.  So far we have…


cuddled and read books,

P1200545 P1200487

practiced our letters and numbers,

P1200446played in the Minnie ball pit,


played dress up and pretended to go Trick or Treating to the different rooms in the house,


and baked way too many (gluten-free) treats for Mama to have in the house.  We have also had numerous dance parties, colored in our coloring books, and played tea party a few dozen times.  She has definitely been keeping me entertained.

My meals haven’t been quite as exciting or entertaining as MacKenna though.  I’ve had my usual smoothie for breakfast…


leftover soup with fruit for lunch… (Jen’s amazing Black Bean soup that I will be making again!)



and trail mix for a snack.


We have gotten a little bit more creative with dinners though.  I had planned our meals knowing that we would probably at least have 1 or 2 days off school this week (I wasn’t expecting to have today off, but I’ll take it), so we went all out for dinner on Monday night.  I made Buffalo Quinoa burgers with baked potato fries and Matt made homemade pretzel rolls for our burgers (so not gluten free).


Holy yum!  This dinner was absolutely FANTASTIC (despite the crappy picture because my house has terrible lighting)!  I have no idea what recipe Matt used for the pretzel rolls but they were perfect with the quinoa burgers!

And for dessert, I had some Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow that have been totally addicting and I’m lucky I have been able to keep my hands out of it!  I have a feeling I will be making puppy chow a lot more often since I can easily make it gluten free.


We are supposed to be getting a little more snow this evening on top of what we already have.  Who wants to make bets as to whether or not we have another snow day tomorrow?!

Thanks for hosting the link up Jen!  Go check out what other people who are or aren’t snowed in are eating this week!


  • Happy WIAW! She is a cutie pie. That black bean soup sounds awesome. I need to make some!
    Marjorie recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday 14 – On Weight Watchers Simple Start (Simply Filling)

    • Kristen

      It’s delicious! Definitely check it out!

  • wait you have all of those school days tacked back on?!?! EEEK!!! i don’t know what our plan is yet… i am pretty sure mlk day is gone, but not sure about presidents day… sure hope not since i’ll be out of town!!!!!!!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..cranberry egg sandwich

    • Kristen

      Yeah, we don’t have any built in and had we not had any, we would have been out May 20. We’re only on May 22 now, so not too bad. And with the new state mandate, we won’t go past May 30. I can deal with that!

      You guys have snow days built in?! I’m so jealous! I enjoyed the extra time off – not ready to go back just yet! 😉