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I don’t stray too far from the ordinary.  I eat pretty much the same things on a day to day basis.  Of course, I start my morning with a delicious green monster smoothie.

wiaw-green monster

Banana, pineapple, and peach smoothie with chia seeds, protein powder, and spinach

And we always have a Pizza (+ Beer) Night once a week – by far my favorite night of the week!

wiaw-pizza beer

Homemade pizza dough with provel cheese, chickpeas and black beans, tomatoes, and broccoli

And just about every night, I end my day with some delicious frozen custard.  (I just so happened to find myself in line at Fritz’s on Monday night, ordering 2 more quarts of frozen custard.)

Blog Photos13

But, even when I’m not eating exactly the same things every day, my meals pretty consistently fall in to 2 categories:


Blog Photos11


 Mexican (or Mexican Bowls)

Blog Photos12

Seriously, how can you go wrong with either one of those?!  All totally delicious, chalked full of veggies, and things I would make, order, or eat day after day!  YUM!  Thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for another great linkup!  Check everyone else’s eats over at her site!

Do you eat almost the same things on a daily basis?  Or do you constantly change things up?