wiaw: 30-day challenge

I’ve been doing pretty well sticking to my 30-Day Holiday Challenge so far.  I’m only a little over a week in, but I’ve already noticed a change in my energy levels just from focusing on eating real food.  OK, I’m not going to lie though – the massive amount of dried fruit that I’ve been eating probably doesn’t really count as real food, but it’s better than a movie theater box of Reese’s Pieces after lunch, right?!

Yesterday was an OK day as far as my 30-day challenge goes.  I started my day at 4 AM with a CrossFit workout at the gym before heading home to get ready for the day.  You have no idea how thankful I am that MacKenna sleeps through the night and allows me to actually wake up early to get an extra workout in each day.  I don’t think I would’ve survived volleyball season without being able to get up early to workout!

Breakfast, as always, was a green smoothie on my way to work.  I’ve been trying to channel warmer weather with my smoothies, using mango and pineapple as much as possible.  Makes it feel more like a cocktail or shake than a health, nutrient-rich smoothie!  And coffee to warm me back up.  The key to drinking smoothies in the winter is wearing gloves and a coat – makes it much more bearable.

photo 1 (4)

I spent the day teaching 6th and 8th graders basketball – one of my least favorite units – and STDs to 7th graders.  Let me tell you how fun that was… So many hilarious questions that I wish I could share with you guys, but for the sake of my students’ privacy, I won’t.  Let’s just say, they are totally clueless.  And I’m OK with that!

I ate lunch with one of my friends from school, which was really nice since I usually spend my lunch planning and sitting at my desk eating while scrolling through Facebook.  I’m such a loner.  Lunch also involved Emily’s broccoli cheddar soup and 2 clementines.  I am really trying to eat more fruit.  You’d think with my sweet tooth, I’d eat a ton of fruit, but I just don’t like raw fruit very much.  Clementines I can do.  If only I could figure out how to get the orange stank off my hands the rest of the day…


I’m definitely not as busy as I have been at school lately which means that all I think about is food.  I feel like I’m constantly hungry, and my drawer full of dried fruit and trail mix (and chocolates from my Secret Santa) are always calling my name.


It wasn’t quite as cold as it has been yesterday, so I took advantage of it and went for a run outside.  I totally forgot about a faculty meeting I have tomorrow after school, so I needed to get in my Wednesday 6-miler instead of my scheduled 4.5 mile tempo run.  Although it was warmer, my fingers were still frozen by the end of my run, even with gloves.  I constantly have to remind myself that 38 degrees isn’t warm. 


Matt was in charge of dinner and made baked veggie egg rolls and quinoa for dinner.  I forgot to take a picture of it before I inhaled it, so here is a picture of my empty plate.  I put way too much soy sauce on, but I thankfully have low blood pressure so I can use the extra salt.


After dinner is always family time, which last night involved a bath for the Kenna girl, cuddling on the couch while watching a few minutes of Home Alone, and bedtime stories before putting Kenna down for the night.  And then come making my lunch for the following day (a repeat of Tuesday), folding laundry, picking up toys, and then sitting down for a nighttime snack.  Frozen blueberries with milk and some Kashi Go Lean Crunch on top certainly didn’t keep me warm, but it sure was tasty!  That 6 mile run left me starving!


The only “goal” of the challenge that I have really been struggling with is surprisingly the “In bed by 10 PM” goal.  I am so exhausted by the time I get everything done for the day, you’d think I’d be ready to pass out by then, but I get caught up on my blogs (so many people having babies lately!), play on my phone a bit, and get distracted by a million other things that 10 o’clock sneaks up on me!  I’m getting closer to at least getting 6 hours of sleep, but I’m still lacking on sleep, which definitely isn’t good.  Only 7 more days left until Christmas break!  I think I can, I think I can…

  • MIZ

    the ONLY PIECE Id easily rock would be the in bed by 10 😉
    come on over!
    MIZ recently posted..Hard boiled eggs in a coffee maker.

  • alex

    are you preggers….;) 😉

    • Kristen

      Nope! Things in place to prevent that right now! 🙂

  • I admire how you get up so early! Working out in the morning is always helpful for me, but tough when I can’t get myself in bed at a reasonable hour. I just get a second wind around 8 (probably from working out at night) and try to accomplish too much after work.

  • I try to be in bed by 10 every night and let me tell you, it makes me feel soo good! I understand though.. sometimes blog reading is just too fun! Great job on the run – you are speedy!!
    Leigha @ minougirl recently posted..WIAW – Game Day