Why Do You Run | The Concrete Runner

A few months ago, I was talking to a colleague about my running.  He is an avid cyclist, so I figured he understood my love + passion for the sport.  I began telling him how I had hired a running coach, and he gave me a confused look.

“So, what is your end goal?” he asked me.  “Do you want to become a professional?  I mean, why would you really need a coach?”

His question totally threw me for a loop and made me really dig deep into exact WHY I run.

I know I will never be good enough to run professionally or train for the Olympics.  But, that certainly has not stopped me from working with a running coach.

For me, running serves multiple purposes…

  1. My daily run is sometimes is the ONLY time I get to myself during the day.
  2. Running is a way for me to brain dump and run out all of my issues and problems.
  3. Running is a way for me to get “uncomfortable”, to push my limits, and really test how far my mind and body can go.

So, you could say, running keeps me sane.  It helps me clear my head.  It helps me realize I am capable of SO MUCH MORE than what I give myself credit for.

I want you to DIG DEEP… what is you WHY?  Why do you run?

>>> Maybe you started as a way to lose weight.

>>> Maybe you run because you are going through a hard season of life and it is one way you are able to relieve your stress + anxiety.

>>> Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment you get after you finish a run and it helps you gain confidence, not only in your running, but in ALL aspects of your life.

>>> Maybe it’s the ONE THING that helps keep you sane, for surely, if you didn’t have that time during your day, you would be going crazy.

Regardless of your reason for running, you + I BOTH know it’s the ONE THING we need for that very reason.

But, just because you have a “why” doesn’t me that you don’t struggle with motivation from time to time.  I know my reasons for running, but I still have days where I struggle to get out the door in the morning.  I make excuses to skip or shorten my run, which leaves me feeling even MORE defeated + unmotivated.

I run because I NEED some time to myself and to prove that I CAN do anything I put my mind to, but sometimes I just need that extra shove to help me stay motivated and accountable.  Hence, why I decided to hire a running coach.

And let me tell you, that added accountability has been the GAME CHANGER in my running.  I’m FASTER, stronger, LEANER, and more CONFIDENT than ever!  And not just in my running… I’ve taken on a second business; I’ve stepped into more leadership roles at work; I’ve reached out to BIG NAME runners in need of coaching.  Things I NEVER would have done before.

This could be the GAME CHANGER in your running too.  Check it out…


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