what i ate at home all day

I know I sort of brag about having the summer off.  I mean, really, teaching is a pretty sweet gig for that reason alone (although, I did go into teaching for other more noble reasons).  However, I have to admit, my life isn’t very exciting now as a summer-only stay at home mom.

I left the house once yesterday.  And it was before 6 AM.  For a run.  That’s it.  I woke up at 5:15, laced up my runnin’ shoes, and hit the road for a 5-mile interval run (2 minutes fast, 1 minute slow + repeat).  When I returned home, I never left the house again.

I did make a stellar bowl of oatmeal, but totally forgot it was Tuesday (being off in the summer will do that to you) and didn’t take a picture of it.  To paint a picture in your head, it was steel cut oats with banana, chia seeds, strawberries + blueberries, topped with Biscoff spread (yum) and honey roasted peanuts.  It was delicious.

After showering and playing with my girl until she decided it was nap time, I made myself a little snack of fruit + nut medley (which is from Costco, in case you were wondering).



I did go out of the house on Monday (so I didn’t have to leave on Tuesday) to the produce stand to pick up our fruit + veggies for the week to make myself this killer salad for lunch.


Romaine, tomatoes, broccoli, green pepper, carrots, cheddar, and croutons and topped with some guacamole ranch (seriously, so good).  On the side I had a cherry Oikos with granola.


More playing + napping for the little one before it was time for lunch #2.  Leftover risotto and a handful of honey roasted peanuts.



After getting some work done on the computer while Kenna Girl napped, it was time to start making dinner.  I know I made burgers last week, but I saw this mushroom burger on Cooking Channel and felt that I needed to make it this week.  (If you have Cooking Channel, you should really watch Bobby Dean’s new show Not My Mama’s Meals.  He takes his mom’s – Paula Dean – recipes and makes them into healthier dishes.  Amazing.)


Portobello burgers with sweet potato fries.  Oooh, and after having some amazing sangria at the Strawberry Festival this past weekend, I also felt that I needed to make sangria this week also.  (A few summer’s ago, Matt + I pretty much drank sangria with every single meal.  Best. Summer. Ever.)  I only drank a few sips of this before MacKenna absolutely had to get out of the highchair and into the bathtub.  No worries, though.  It will be consumed tomorrow night.


And because I’m seriously addicted to Fritz’s right now, a few scoops of vanilla custard with chocolate chips + sprinkles on the couch while reading a few chapters in Mockingjay and finishing watching Moneyball that we started a few nights ago.

Such an exciting day, right?  Ha.  I’m still decompressing from the end of the school year, I guess.  Very little motivation to do anything right now, and just trying to soak up every second with my baby doll.  Speaking of, she ate carrots for the first time today that she wasn’t particularly fond of, but she did enjoy banana + avocado in the mesh feeder.


Oh, that face gets me every time…


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done this week?  I need a little excitement in my life, obviously…

  • What do you think of Mockingjay so far?!
    Shari recently posted..For Good.

    • Kristen

      It’s definitely not as good as the first one, but I’m getting through it. I just want to know what happens!

  • Jen

    There are many days that the only time I leave my house is to run! My husband always tells me I should just sleep in, but I really need to leave the house every day!

    How does M like the mesh feeder? W loved it for about a week and now he won’t eat out of it. I didn’t expect solids to be so challenging!
    Jen recently posted..National Running Day 2012

    • Kristen

      I totally feel you: running > sleep! MacKenna has days when she loves the mesh feeder and days when she won’t touch it. We actually got 2 new ones, Nuby brand, that are much easier to clean and she seems to like them better. Or at least she’s actually trying to eat the mesh part rather than the ring. I have to tell you that I hate solids. I was thought it was going to be awesome, but it’s so frustrating for me because she just doesn’t want to eat. But, we NEED her to eat because she’s too small (or so we’re told). I dread it every day, and just hope and pray that it’s going to get easier. I’m sure you can relate!

  • Love Bobby Dean! Yum. My life is just as boring right now, but I bet you’re loving it anyway!!! 😉

    • Kristen

      Your life could not possibly be boring with a newborn!

  • Jennifer

    That Sangria looks tasty! What recipe did you use?

    • Kristen

      It’s kind of made up. I filled half a wine glass with a dry red wine (Norton) and then the rest of the glass with Sierra Mist Natural. You can add fruit if you want. It’s very tasty!

  • Mary Kratochvil

    My week so far has been spent at church working on a VERY LARGE rummage sale to benefit our youth who will be attending a convention in New Orleans in July. Off day tomorrow and then two more days of selling and then packing and cleaning up. Oh, babysitting three kids included two of these days.

  • ErikaMC

    I will admit that I am very jealous that you get a whole summer to be a stay-at-home mom! Every day I dread dropping off my son and going to work. My son like the mesh feeder too and it is getting better about eating in general – we are doing a mix of purees and blw. How on earth do you clean your mesh feeder though?!?! I have such a hard time getting all the little banana slim and chunks out and then it turns a nasty brown color.

    • Kristen

      We are doing a mix too. Of course, when I cut up food for BLW, she would rather play with it than eat it, but whatever. She’ll get there! As for the mesh feeder, yes, they totally suck to clean! BUT! My mom found some Nuby ones at Marshalls/Home Goods and the mesh comes out of them! It’s amazing! So much easier than the Munchkin (?) ones!