what happens when you go past your due date

The pregnancy apps on your phone stop working.  Well, not all of them stopped at 40 weeks, but they definitely assume that since you’ve reached your due date, you’ve had your baby.  Hello, most people don’t deliver on their due date!


You work on things you didn’t get around to before your due date.  My mom gave me this adorable baby book a few weeks ago and I just never got around to start writing anything in it.  I finally got around to buying some good pens and filling in stuff yesterday.  I also made it to Hobby Lobby to get some cross stitch hoops to make 3D fabric polka dots on the wall above M’s crib.  They’re not completely done yet, but will be soon!



You try to find ways to naturally induce labor.  I’ve never been into all the old wives tale stuff about how to induce labor, but I am much more willing now that I am past my due date.  Matt has researched acupressure points, while I am trying to walk the baby out.  I’ve also been searching for Castor oil, raspberry leaf tea, and other things said to induce labor.  (Pretty sure I’m fighting a losing battle with all this.)


You get really jealous of everyone who has babies before you.  Including the women who ran the Chicago Marathon and then gave birth 7 hours later.  Geez, overachiever.  (Jen wrote a great post about her thoughts on the whole thing, which I definitely agree with.)  She was due a week or so after me.  And a friend of my sister-in-law gave birth this weekend, a week before her due date too.  I’m just waiting for Emily to go into labor before I even have any signs that my baby might make an appearance remotely soon.  Trying not to be bitter, but it’s hard.

You spend as much time with your husband (and furbaby) as you can.  Luckily, Matt is on his fall break this week, so both of us are off work and enjoying our last couple of days together.  It would be perfect if M would come soon so that Daddy wouldn’t have to take off any days next week, but I think he’s willing to sacrifice I few days of work to help Mommy out. 😉  We actually watched “Due Date” last night since Matt’s trying to get me to relax.  Of course, I cried when she was in labor.


And Lucy has been extra sweet lately, laying on my chest while I read my What to Expect the First Year book and playing in the laundry baskets.



Savor the last few days of your pregnancy.  As much as I am anxious to get this show on the road, I am still trying to soak in as much of my baby bump as possible.  Her kicks keep me smiling + entertained (she was kicking so hard during our non-stress test  at the doctor on Monday that she kicked the monitor off a few times).  I am rubbing my belly every second I get since I have no idea if or when I will get to experience this again.

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Soon, Baby Girl, soon!

  • aahhhhh, i hope she comes SOON, kristen!! i’m so excited for when she finally makes her appearance. 🙂

    also, i LOVE your idea for the polka dogs using cross-stitch rings! very cute.
    sarah (sarah learns) recently posted..breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast

    • Kristen


  • Jen

    I’m jealous of the women who go into labor early for you! It’s not fair. I cannot imagine how anxious you must be. You have a great attitude as always though 🙂 Too cute that she kicked the non-stress test monitor off!

    Thanks for the shout-out! Maybe you should just go run 26.2 miles and then you’ll go into labor? 😉
    Jen recently posted..Running a marathon at 39 weeks pregnant: My thoughts

    • Kristen

      I’m just hanging in there now. Praying your little boy does make you wait in December!

  • My neighbor is from Costa Rica. She says that the old wives tale there is that you crawl around when you are ready for the baby to come out, that way the baby will know when to start crawling out herself! I will certainly be doing some crawling around if this baby does not come out in December on or before his due date!:)
    susan recently posted..Juice for Dinner

    • Kristen

      Looks like I’ll be crawling around and playing with my cat today! Hopefully that does some magic!

  • If it makes you feel better, there is NOTHING happening over here either. :/ Sadly, my main goal for wanting this baby to come sooner than later is that we have all these out of town visitors scheduled to come in, and selfishly I want to have the baby BEFORE they get here! I don’t want a house full of guests while I’m going into labor! It is giving me extra motivation. 🙂
    Emily Malone recently posted..Tofu and Veggie Lettuce Wraps.

    • Kristen

      Never thought I’d see your name pop up in my comments! 🙂 I’m scared to check Twitter every morning to see that you went into labor! I understand about the relatives though. My maternity leave started Monday, and I’m kind of mad that I could’ve been making money all this week! I hope you go at least on your due date and don’t have to be tortured with more waiting!

  • Congratulations, your baby will be here before you know it!
    Kelly recently posted..Training Tuesday: Sad Panda Edition

  • We know 3 other couples all due around us. Every single one of them has had their babies. My cousin is due with twins at the end of November but it wouldn’t surprise me if she went before me either. I’m starting to make my peace with it, and am feeling better mentally. I don’t think my OB will induce unless I hit 42 weeks so I still have some time. Trying to enjoy it as much as possible though.
    Verna recently posted..Baby Sister Pregnancy Update: 40 weeks!

    • Kristen

      I’ve liked the extra time for sure since I wasn’t quite ready this past weekend, but I am hoping to go naturally before Friday since my doctor isn’t on call this weekend, and I desperately do not want to be induced. We shall see…

  • Oh my gosh, you must be so anxious! She’s just taking her sweet time staying in the warmth as long as possible. Smart baby. 😉

  • Andrea

    I know you are wishing labor will start no matter how many people tell you to relax. I carried my twins to 38 weeks and probably would have gone longer (had contractions & c-section). This girly went to 41 weeks with 7 days of very painful prodromal labor and very little progress. I was trying to stop labor contractions so i could finally get some sleep and hubby was suggesting I walk more…So hope all goes quickly and of course safely.
    Andrea recently posted..Surprise, Twitters!

  • It’s not just you- that same app stopped working for me too when I did the most recent update. It made me create a login and give all of this personal info and I opted not to!
    Jamie @ FoodinRealLife recently posted..Week 24 Pregnancy Update