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One of the benefits of being married to a teacher is that I don’t have to worry about him being out of town very often, if ever, for business.  Sure, there are a few weekends out of the year where he is gone for coaching or work-related things, but it’s usually never more than a night or two.

However, Matt recently was selected of one of 12 individuals from Missouri and Kentucky to attend a conference on the grounds of George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Washington, D.C.  This meant Matt would be gone longer than he ever had been before – leaving me with both kids by myself longer than he ever had before.  (OK, so he’s gone to Colorado without me a few times, but those were all pre-kiddos.)  Two months ago, I would’ve been freaking out about the thought of having both kids by myself for longer than a night.  But, thankfully, I got things under control before then, and 5 days + 4 nights “single” parenting didn’t seem so daunting.

While it definitely wasn’t an easy 5 days + 4 nights, I officially made it through without ANY tears being shed.  Well, at least by me.  Kenna, well, that’s a whole other story.  Sure there were times I definitely felt overwhelmed and that I needed a break, especially trying to get both kids to 2 different places in the morning and then to work on time and when they both decided to protest naps Sunday afternoon when I really, really needed to work on my homework, but I feel that I handled it well.  OK, there was some yelling on my end the 50th time I put MacKenna back into her bed for a nap, but I finally gave up after an hour.  *sigh*


Oh, and this silly kid decided that the day Daddy leaves is a great day to start pulling up in bed.  *sigh*

Props to those of you who have your kids by yourself frequently or are really a single parent.  I was very thankful to have friends and family who were looking out for me, and that I could talk to my husband for a few minutes every day.  It certainly was not easy, but I am thankful that I always have someone I can rely on daily.

Anyway, being on my own for a few days certainly complicated things when it came to working out.  Luckily, I still had my time after school to get a workout in, but I also had a faculty meeting one day after school and knew that I needed to pick up my kids at a decent time.  So, my workouts needed to either be shorter or skipped all together.  I’m starting to get better about giving myself a break for not following my training plan exactly, knowing that any type of workout will give me some benefits.  So, this week was all about getting those important workouts in, and giving myself a break on the other workouts for the week.

Monday:  6 mile long run (8:14/mile)


Tuesday:  4 mile easy run (7:55/mile) + Legs/Abs

Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday:  2 x 1 mile w/ 800m recoveries + 5 minutes hard (4 miles total @ 7:45/mile average, with the second repeat at 6:22) + Chest/Tris/Abs

Friday:  3 mile easy run (7:54/mile) + Legs/Back/Bis + 45 minute walk w/ Elena


Saturday:  2 mile easy run w/ the jogging stroller (9:04/mile)


Sunday:  OFF

Total:  19 miles

Not exactly where I want to be as far as my mileage goes 5 weeks out from my race, but it’s better than nothing!  My strength training was hit or miss this week too, so I just kind of went with the flow.  I’m really happy with how my strength training is going, but I will share more about that later.

Hope ya’ll have a great start to the work week!