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If you’ve been reading the blog at all in the last year, you know that I’ve been riddled with injuries since having Miles.  If you’ve been reading this since pretty much the beginning, well, injuries for me are not very common.  In the past 5 years of running (I’ve been running for almost 15 years now), I really haven’t had to deal with any injuries at all.  A bout of ITBS here, some PF there… nothing that’s really required me to take any significant time off, outside of having a baby and being forced to take it easy post-C-section.


But, this past year, I’ve dealt with pubic symphysis pain, SI joint issues, plantar fasciitis, and a lot of general aches and pains.  I truly feel that I’ve been extra lucky at having these injuries solved fairly quickly and haven’t had to take more than a week or 2 off of training.  But, the same injuries continue to keep nagging at me.  While I’m still able to run, they have never truly gone away entirely.

These nagging injuries have forced me to take a look at my running.  Since getting back into running after having Miles last December, I honestly have not taken much time off of training.  Sure, I took my dear sweet time getting back into training, but it was only about 2 months of walk/runs and easy running before I started training for races again.  And apparently, my body just wasn’t quite ready to get into some serious mileage and speed work quite yet.  It’s frustrating to feel like you’ve taken enough time building up to train to only be set back again and again.

But, like I said, I really haven’t given myself a break.  I went right into training for a half marathon starting in March that took me right up until mid-July.  I took a full week off after the half, only to start training again right away.  I think all these nagging injuries have been telling me to slow down a little bit and back off of my training.  I have some lofty goals for 2016 – including a sub-1:35 half marathon (although my big bro is shooting for a 1:30) and a sub-19:30 5K – but there is no way I’ll be ready for those goals if I don’t give my body the time off it needs.

So, I’m giving myself some needed time off.  Not from running per se, but from training for anything.  My next big race is that half marathon in April, a good 6 months away, and quite honestly, there’s really no point of doing any serious training in the winter.  So, for the next 3 months, I’m giving myself permission to not train for anything.  To run some easy miles and work on building my mileage base to a point where I CAN start training again.  I’ll be running based on time with 1 tempo run and 1 long run each week.  I finished my first week running like this last week and I feel like a completely renewed runner.  No pressure, just running.  I even had to walk during one of my runs last week, but still went the designated amount of time, and didn’t beat myself up too much about it.  Hopefully in 3 months, I’ll be ready to truly start training again.

Monday:  30 minute easy run (3.75 miles @ 8:00/mile)
2 rounds:
Box Jumps 10x
KB Swings 20x, 25#
Front Squats 30x, 45#
Situps 40x
Jump Rope 200x


Tuesday:  45 minute easy run (4.96 miles @ 9:05/mile)
5 rounds:
Pushups 10x
Situps 10x
Squats 10x


Wednesday:  OFF
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
Jump Rope 40x
KB Swings 15x, 25#
Walking Lunges 20x

Thursday:  15 minute easy run (1.87 miles @ 8:03/mile)

Friday:  30 minute tempo run (3.71 miles @ 8:06/mile)
5 rounds:
Pushups 10x
Situps 15x
Lunges 20x


Saturday:  45-60 minute long run (6.37 miles @ 8:24/mile)


Sunday:  OFF

Total:  20.66 miles

Pretty good week, if I do say so myself.  While time off is definitely going to help, I also have to do things to keep those nagging injuries strong and flexible, but I’ll save that for another day.  (Plus, I really slacked off on those this week…)