weekly workouts + the weekend through instagram

This was the best week of runs I’ve had in a year!  I felt good.  I felt normal.  I felt like myself again.  It was a good week – including my first sub-8-minute mile pace!  I’m so ready for half marathon training to start next week!  Seeing everyone posting pictures of Boston is giving me the itch to race again.  I think I’m going to need to look for a race in the next month to do!

Monday:  3 mile easy run (8:01/mile)
CrossFit WOD – For time:
Burpees 20x
Hang squat cleans 20x, 45#
Inverted row 20x
Hang squat cleans 20x, 45#
Burpees 20x

Tuesday:  3 mile easy run (8:05/mile)
CrossFit WOD – 3 rounds of time:
Wall balls 20x, 8#
SDHP 20x, 25#
Box jumps 20x
DB Push-press 20x, 15#
Run 200m

Wednesday:  3.7 mile bleacher run – 1.5 mile WU, 5 x 10 sets of bleachers, 1.5 mile CD (11:01/mile)

Thursday:  3 mile easy run (7:41/mile)
CrossFit WOD – 10 rounds of:
Deadlifts 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds
(73 reps @ 85#)

Friday:  CrossFit WOD – For time:
Run 1000m
Pushups 30x
Run 1000m

Saturday:  5 mile easy run (8:29/mile)

Sunday:  OFF – my legs definitely needed it by the end of the week

Plus, here’s what we were up to this weekend through my Instagram feed.  If you’re not following me, I’m @concrete_runner – request to add me!  I will follow back!   Kenna finally got to open the Barbie that’s been sitting on her bathroom counter since July – of course, she hasn’t gone poop in the potty since… 

 At the Butterfly House  

 My beautiful blue eyed boy  

 Matt was at a meet all day on Saturday, so we drove-thru CBW and had a picnic outside.  

   After church on Sunday, waiting for Matt + Kenna to get done grocery shopping.