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I know I’m late today, but I was a busy girl yesterday and didn’t get a chance to write anything!  So, instead of writing a long, meaningful post, I am going to send you to some other blogs to read their wonderful stuff!

Recently, I have had a couple of my IRL (in real life) friends start blogs, and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me!  The thing about being a blogger is that EVERYONE knows about your life, but you know about no one else’s.  So I get really excited when I have friends who start up blogs.

Here are 3 of my absolutely favorite reads lately, all written by my IRL friends:

In Our Own Little World


My friend Sarah is a new mom for the second time around!  I have so much enjoyed reading her journey into becoming a mom of 2 beautiful kids!  I am soaking in everything she says about mommy-hood as I prepare myself to become a first time mom.

Piece of Cupcake Life


Melissa’s blog is all about food, crafts/decorating, and teaching!  I’ve never gotten to observe Melissa teach before, but just from reading about her teaching experience, I know she is an incredible teacher.  And so passionate about her subject matter (science) and her students!  She is my teaching inspiration – I hope that when (fingers crossed) I land a teaching job in public school, I can have the same impact on my kids as I know she has on hers.

Mucho Blah Blah Blog


Kevin is actually my former boss and probably one of the most knowledgeable people I know.  He is so passionate about the things he loves:  his family, his career, and his hobbies.  And of course, he is a very talented writer.  He had me in tears reading about his personal experience with the Joplin tornado this year.  It is an absolute must read.

What are some of your favorite reads lately?