weekend excitement

Saturday started off with a nice little workout at the gym.  It was raining outside, which usually doesn’t bother me for running, but since I had to lift anyway, I decided to get my run done on the treadmill.  2.4 miles finished in 30 minutes – not too shabby for 36 weeks pregnant!  I still deal with some round ligament pain and had to stop 20 minutes in to take a potty break, but overall I am excited about what I am still able to do this far into my pregnancy.

I came home and helped myself to a delicious bowl of pumpkin oatmeal before heading off to the bank to get some stuff signed + deposit some paychecks from this summer.


I had already changed out of my running shoes into my preferred flip flops.  I guess I wasn’t really thinking too much about the pavement being wet in the parking lot of the bank as I was getting out of my car.  I took about 3 steps when my legs went out from under me.  My left foot slid forward and I was able to catch myself on my right knee and hand.  I feel incredibly lucky that I didn’t take a bigger fall forward and that I only ended up with a little scrape on my knee + foot, and a scraped up big toenail.  I used some napkins to control the tiny bit of blood on my knee while in the bank and left a little shook up, but again, it could have been much, much worse.  Lesson learned:  no more flip flops when it’s raining out.

After spending the rest of the day doing laundry and picking up around the house, I was feeling the need for some frozen custard Saturday night.  It has actually been awhile since we went and got frozen custard and with the flavor of the day being white chocolate, I knew I need some Fritz’s stat.

I went a different route this weekend and got something I don’t think I have ever gotten in frozen custard before – Butterfinger!  White chocolate custard with chopped up Butterfinger pieces.


Yum!  Butterfinger is a great texture with the frozen custard, and I’m weird and love how it gets stuck in your teeth.  I know, gross…

But, what’s better than Butterfinger with white chocolate custard?  Reese’s.  Matt got Reese’s in his and it was the perfect combination with the white chocolate.  Yes, I loved my Butterfinger, but the chocolate from the Reese’s gave it the perfect amount of chocolate flavor.  Matt wins again on being the better order-er.



The excitement continued on Sunday with (another) baby shower, which again, was absolutely fabulous!  But, you will just have to wait to hear about that tomorrow.

What was the most exciting thing you did this weekend?

  • Jen

    You are so amazing for running that far and fast at 36 weeks pregnant! I cannot imagine. Again, I am so glad you were OK after your fall. So scary!