week of milestones

6 weeks and we’ve hit some new milestones…

MacKenna Week 6

MacKenna celebrated her first major holiday with Thanksgiving last week.  I’m pretty sure she was thankful for being held all day long by various family members and the car rides we took, meaning, she got lots of naps in!






Her other big milestone this week:  smiling + laughing!  It makes my heart do a little dance every time I get a big ol’ toothless grin from my little girl.  Oh, I just love her little face so much!


She is also starting to babble a little bit too.  She says “ah-ooh” and “goo” and will actually have an “ah-ooh” conversation with us!  We were in church Wednesday night and MacKenna + I “ah-ooh”-ed back and forth a few times, leaving me in tears from laughing!  Matt actually video taped her “ah-ooh”-ing with him.  So cute!


Two weeks ago, we had really gotten a good routine going, making my life a million times easier.  Having a baby on a schedule helps me get things done and makes for a much happier baby!  Of course, throw in last week and our schedule was thrown out the window.  So, this week, I am really working on establishing a good routine with MacKenna so we are both happy girls (which makes Daddy a happy man).  I’m considering going to buy the Babywise book (eat, play, sleep routine), but Madeline sent me this great loose routine of sorts based on your baby’s natural sleep patterns.  It looks wonderful and I’m excited to start moving our routine in that direction – and hopefully she’ll start getting closer to sleeping through the night!


Matt + I have really grown attached to this little girl.  We’re starting to forget what it was like before we had her and now can’t imagine not having her!  She brings us so much joy and happiness!  I mean, how could you not love her little face?!              


  • She is absolutely too precious! I hope the sleep pattern routine works for you – we are working on ours too. My little monster decided she didn’t want to nap today at all. Haha.

    And baby smiles are the best 🙂
    Madeline @ Food, Fitness, and Family recently posted..Counting Calories

  • She is so adorable — what a sweet little face 🙂
    Shari recently posted..Sunshine for the Soul.

  • Kristen’s Mom

    OMG! She is the cutest baby! I love these pictures of her! It’s so exciting to see her little personality coming out!

  • Please share the sleep pattern routine. We are only at two weeks but I’m doing research so we can get some sort of schedule together as soon as she is ready! MacKenna is beautiful by the way!
    Nicole recently posted..Welcome Baby Girl!

    • Kristen

      Thank you! We are doing a loose version of Babywise right now since she still seems to want to sleep a lot. The other one that Madeline sent me has 3 naps a day – morning, midday, and afternoon – and is based around baby’s awake time. I can email it to you if you want!

  • Chrissy

    Can u please email me that sleep routine as well? My baby is 11 days old and I can use all the help I can get!

    P.s. I’m your newest follower and loving your blog!