wedding weekend

First, it started off with a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Spiro’s…

Jon + Nichole


Jessie + Luke


Matt + Julie


The Hubs + myself


And the Happy Couple – Kristin + Craig


The Groom’s Cake [Craig is a fantastic cyclist – and it was a delicious DQ ice cream cake]


   The Gals


Then, it was time for Kristin + Craig’s Big Day!  Kristin was an amazingly beautiful bride…

 102_3239 102_3240 102_3242     102_3247 102_3248 

And we had perfect weather for some absolutely gorgeous photos at Forest Park…

102_3294 102_3274 102_3277  102_3281   102_3286 102_3288

And of course dancing ensued at the lovely Norwood Hills Country Club.  It was a flawless wedding and probably one of the nicest I have ever been to/in!  I feel so blessed to have been a part of their special day!  I have known Kristin my entire life and I am so happy she has found such a wonderful husband!  Congratulations you two!


That was Saturday…

On Sunday, Matt + I had another wedding to attend.  Let’s just say it was much different than the Niehaus-Hoeflinger wedding…

The cake


Garden Gnome [or Travelocity Gnome]


Fat Bastard


A really awful picture of a Chilean Miner [he told me his wife didn’t want to come, but his mistress came instead… bahahaha!]102_3322 

No photo of the bride + groom, but she was a witch in white and he was Harry Potter.  [And no, the Hubs + I didn’t get dressed up… but I think next year we are going to be Sue Sylvester + Mr. Will Shuester!]

Thus ends the 2 weddings…

And unfortunately, I have a funeral to attend this week.  My grandfather passed away Saturday night, but we are thankful that he is no longer in pain and reunited with my grandmother in heaven.