wantable fitness edit review // march 2016

I really, really wanted to love Wantable.  I really did.  Fitness clothes in the mail sounded wonderful – especially since the clothes I wear every day are workout clothes, and most of the outfits I own were hand selected by the one-and-only M-O-M.  (Thank goodness my mom has good taste in clothes…)

I’ve already established that I’m a terrible shopper, right?  Like horrible.  Except for Target.  I’m a GREAT Target (and IKEA) shopper.  But, when it comes to clothes, I am clueless.  This is true for workout clothes too.  I just don’t know what’s in style and always default to whatever is the most comfortable thing in my closet.  Honestly, I think I would wear sweat pants and hoodies every day if I felt that made me look professional.  But, I try to look professional for my job, because, well, I LIKE my job and want to be treated like a professional.

I ordered my Wantable Fitness Edit back at the beginning of February and it finally came in last week.  I ALWAYS get excited to have a package sitting on my doorstep, but it’s even more exciting when it’s a box of clothes that you are going to be completely surprised by.  It’s like my birthday all over again.  Maybe this is why I like these things so much.  I might have a problem…

The Concrete Runner - Wantable Review March 2016

Upon first opening my box, I was excited – all the clothes looked super cute!  Two hoodies, two pairs of leggings, and a sports bra.  I literally never buy sports bras – again, thanks Mom.  So, to get a cute one, I was pumped to try it on.  Here’s what my Fitness Edit looked like:

Hybrid Bra


Sorry, no pictures of me in this (again, professionalism), but I really liked this one a lot.  It fit perfectly and made me really want to run in just a sports bra.  However, being the cheap-butt that I am, the price was way too steep for me.  Therefore, this one was begrudgingly returned.

Buzz 1/4 Zip Hoodie


I loved this hoodie immediately out of the box.  It was totally my style and I loved the grey herringbone pattern on the sides and back (it’s hard to see it in the pictures).  But, I felt like the fit was a little too big.  I like my hoodies and sweatshirts bigger, but I felt like this was just not right.  So, it got sent back as well.

Noctilucent Legging


I really liked these leggings too, but I really don’t need another pair of leggings, as I have plenty to keep me warm during cold winter runs.  I also really didn’t like how loose it was on my ankles.  Because I’m picky… Another return.

Poly Fleece Popover


Another one that I really liked out of the box.  Cute color and super, duper soft.  Totally my style.  But, I felt like this one was also too big for me.  I loved the longer length, but the sleeve length made it look like it was much too large for me.  Return.

Plasma Long Legging


I wasn’t sure about these.  Cute, yes.  But, once I put them on, I felt like a clown.  Ha!  I don’t know – I just feel like this wasn’t my style really.  I prefer neutral colors and this definitely was not neutral.  Return.

So, I returned them all.  Was it terrible?  No.  But, I also felt like the prices were way too high for workout clothes.  But, again, I’m cheap.  And only wear clothes I get for Christmas or my birthday.  So, probably just me being really picky.

And I think I really would have preferred getting a box full of cute everyday clothes instead.  Maybe because I wear workout clothes all the time it wasn’t as exciting for me.  So, I may or may not try it again.  Maybe I’ll try the makeup (yes, this P.E. teacher LOVES makeup) or even a Style edit.  But, there’s a good chance I just might stick with Stitch Fix…

If you want to try it, here is a referral code for you (this is an affiliate link).  I think maybe, after a few boxes, I’ll start enjoying it more.  We shall see though…[Tweet “Trying @Wantable for the first time – a review of the Fitness Edit.”]

  • Lee

    What about fabletics? Isn’t that a similar idea if you want fitness stuff?

    • Similar in that it’s fitness stuff, but not a box where they pick out the clothes for you. I like Fabletics and have bought a lot from them in the past, but I struggle to find stuff that is truly my style. I do like the price MUCH better though! (I’m actually wearing my Fabletics vest today!)

  • Michelle Anne

    I could never do one of these clothes boxes because I am clearance, closeout, and coupon shopper. All my clothes, shoes, and home decor is usually at least 60% off. It pains me when full priced is the only option. Side not, I had a similar experience with some patterned leggings at Dicks. Here I stood in front of a pair of under armor leggings on sale for $11.00 and I just could not bring myself to buy them because of their purple and pink design. I felt like I would look like a pinata.