wantable fitness edit review // april

I really wasn’t planning on doing another Wantable order.  Little did I know that I actually had to go in and cancel my account – that is, until I received an email that my next box was on it’s way.  Oops…

The Concrete Runner - Wantable Review April 2016

So, my Fitness Edit this month was a nice, albeit expensive, surprise.  Thankfully, I gave some pretty good feedback after my first shipment and I could certainly tell the changes in this box.

Toni Capri


I have been obsessed with wearing leggings lately.  Not that I hadn’t worn them or liked them before, but I just got more comfortable actually wearing them to work, and let’s face it, they’re super comfortable.

This pair did not disappoint.  I loved the pattern on the side of the capris and I loved that the length was a little shorter than most of the other capris I own.  I’ve already worn these 3 times to work since I got them less than 2 weeks ago.  These were definitely keepers!

Glyder Hot In Here Short


I was really excited to see a pair of spandex shorts in my box.  I’ve really been wanting some to wear either under shorts or other clothes – or, if I get the guts to do it, to run in during the summer.

While these fit really well, I just did not like the drawstrings on the side.  Plus, they were too short for my liking and I figured they’d spend more time in a drawer than actually being worn.  Definitely not worth it to me, so they were a return.

Printed Performance Capris


I really liked the fabric these were made out of – they were almost like a silk feeling.  They also fit really well and were comfortable.  However, not ever having even been to New York City, I just really didn’t think I would want to wear them anywhere except in my house.  If I were from New York or was in love with the city, that might be a different story.  But, I just was not digging the NYC skyline…

Aurora Wrap


This was a no brainer to me.  Long, open cardigan?!  I didn’t even care that I have one VERY similar to this one.  I get a TON of wear out of these “sporty” cardigans since I can wear them with t-shirts and workout clothes, or dress them up with a cute tank top and leggings or jeans.  Definitely a keeper!

Catalyst Bra

(Sorry, I totally forgot I didn’t take a picture!  You can’t tell, but it’s the bra I have on under my tank top in all the other pictures…)

I am really, really picky when it comes to sports bras.  I really don’t need any support, but it is hard for me to find one that offers support and isn’t super tight around my rib cage.  Most bras I own, I am ready to rip off halfway through the day.  I wore this one at an all day track meet, where I was hot and sweaty and moving all day long, and I barely noticed it was on.  Another keeper!

Three out of five isn’t bad!  But, I just don’t feel like a box of fitness clothes that isn’t really running related is worth it to me.  Now, if they were sending me compression socks, headbands, Nike shorts, and other cute running apparel, I’d be all about it.  But, this stuff just does not appeal to me all that much.

So, I ended up cancelling my subscription.  I still do Fabletics every few months, which I actually enjoy a lot more since I can pick 3 pieces for a third of the price a box from Wantable costs.  And Fabletics seems to fit my non-stylish style a lot better.  And I like having a little more control over what I am choosing to buy.

For now, it’s a “see you sometime to never” with Wantable for me…

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