Valentine’s, Baptism, + Workouts

After a tough ending to my week last week, the weekend was definitely the turnaround I needed.  Miles’ baptism was Sunday morning, so I spent most of the weekend running around the house + town like a madwoman trying to get everything ready.  While we were having mostly family over, I still wanted the house to look nice and the food to taste good.  I prepped the food on Friday (mini quiches, fruit + donut kabobs, and mimosas – my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law contributed as well) and spent most of Saturday cleaning the house.  I don’t think I’ve really deep cleaned the house since we moved in and it definitely needed it!

Even though Saturday was Valentine’s Day, we didn’t have anything planned since I knew I had plenty of things to get done.  (I really do need to work on my homework that’s due tonight though… I really need to stop procrastinating with that…)  So, instead of spending the night out on the town, we enjoyed a family dinner of Chinese takeout and beer (for the adults only).  We don’t usually go over the top anyway – we stopped giving each other gifts and cards YEARS ago – so this was perfect for us this year.




And of course, Sunday was Miles’ baptism.  We asked Matt’s sister Angie (who takes all of our beautiful pictures) and our friends Bob + Michelle (Matt coaches with them and are like second family to us since we spend so much time with them) to be his sponsors.  I was super nervous going in to it (like actual butterflies in my stomach) because I just knew he was going to fuss + cry the whole time.  It was right before he needed to be fed and he hates baths (unless the water is just right).  He was great, up until they went to pour the water on his head and he ended up crying.  (Pastor commented that he wish we could’ve gotten a picture of his face during that!)  So very thankful to have another child of God among us!  And brunch was great too – we have so much leftover treats that this week is going to be bad, especially since I’m thinking about giving up desserts for Lent, which starts Wednesday.  AH!


Workouts were great this week, and definitely much needed!  I had my first non-stop run in months (no walking!) and it was glorious!  This week marks my last week of planned walk breaks (I can’t say that there won’t be any unplanned ones) and I am so ready to feel like a runner again.  It’s been mentally difficult lately just going through the motions and taking my time.  I want to be back to where I was pre-pregnancy so bad, but I know that is going to take some time.  I also want to start feeling a little more like myself as well, but that’s a post for another day…

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.04.05 PM

Monday:  PiYo Strength Intervals + 3 x 800 w/ 400 walk recoveries + 400m walk warmup on treadmill (2.5 miles @ 10:46/mile)

Tuesday:  Max:30 Tabata Power + 2 x 1200 w/ 800 walk recoveries + 400m walk warmup on treadmill (2.75 miles @ 11:14/mile)

Wednesday:  Max:30 Cardio Challenge + 2 mile run on treadmill (8:18/mile)

Thursday:  PiYo Sweat

Friday:  Max:30 Sweat + 2 mile run on treadmill (8:18/mile)

Saturday:  2 x 1200 w/ 800 walk recoveries on treadmill (2.5 miles @ 10:58/mile)

Sunday:  rest day

Total:  11.75 miles


I will admit that Insanity Max:30 is kicking my butt!  I tried to do PiYo Sweat on Thursday, but dang was it soooo much harder because my legs were sore.  It’s not the same soreness I get when I lift heavy (which, BTW, I’m so ready to do too), but I was definitely feeling it.  Anything with my shoulders (pushups, down dogs, etc.) kill me as well.  I’m just hoping I improve with time and that I can actually make it through a workout without having to go into child’s pose.  Speaking of child’s pose, I am going to my first live yoga class this week!  I’m so excited and nervous as heck!  But, it’s not just a yoga class… but you’re just going to have to wait until next week to hear the rest! 😉


  • Your kiddos are too cute!

    And don’t worry, I’ve seen verrrrrrrrrrry few babies who didn’t cry during their baptism but I don’t think anyone minds because they’re celebrating something totally awesome – new life in Jesus!