turn that frown upside down

I was really in a sour mood today.  I don’t know if it was because it was hard to go back to work after a nice, long weekend, the fact that it’s the start of 4th quarter and spring break is still 2 weeks away, or because Matt is on spring break for the next 2 weeks and I still have to work.  It honestly probably has nothing to do with any of those, but it was definitely affecting me in a bad way.  (And, I kind of wanted a night where I could just lay on the couch and do nothing…)

I try to keep more of a positive vibe on the blog, so instead of complaining about things you don’t care about, I’m going to show you the one thing that always makes me feel better… MacKenna!

We took this video last week.  Just to preface, we watch Jeopardy every night at dinner.  She can’t see the TV at all from her high chair, but obviously she can hear it.  We had just turned it on as we were sitting down to dinner last week, the beginning part came on, and out it came!  We had to rewind to have her do it again so we could record it.

Gameshow Baby from Kristen Van Horn on Vimeo.

Now, anytime she sits in her high chair, she say “Bepordy!”  Haha!  Love that little girl so much!

What’s the funniest thing your child has ever said or picked up from you?  Now, didn’t that just make your day?!

My brother’s first word, according to my mother, was “fortune” because of Wheel Of Fortune.  We are just a game show family I guess!

  • So cute! My husband always watches jeapordy ! haha
    Nelly recently posted..An apple a day

  • Too cute!
    Shari recently posted..Plus and Minus.

  • Mary Kratochvil( Kristen’s great-aunt)

    Cute video. We like Jeopardy too. That girl has good taste!

  • Erika

    Kids sure can make turn your frown upside down! My son cracks me up every day. He is in a major copycat phase right now (19 months old). This is one of those “it shouldn’t be funny but it is things” – my husband (unfortunately) chews tobacco and one day he spit it out on the ground so of course our son than imitated him by making a spitting noise and bending over to “spit” on the ground. Gotta watch what we say and do infront of them!

  • Lee

    Future Jeopardy winner in the making! She definitely said, “I did it” too. Apparently, my first word was “golf cart.”
    Lee recently posted..Recent Eats