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I’m the first to admit that I am totally and completely clueless when it comes to triathlons.  Basically, all I can tell you is that you swim, bike, and run.  Oh, and I know what a brick is!  Woohoo!  Good for me!

However, when it comes to all the logistics of training, transitions, gear, etc., I don’t know a single thing!  And since my triathlon is coming up fairly quickly, I’ve been doing my research so that I don’t go into my first tri without knowing what I’m doing.  (I know I wouldn’t be the first one, but I lack a lot of confidence if I don’t feel like I know exactly what I need to do!)  So, I turned to my blogging buddies for their advice and got some really awesome tips and posts to link up to.  For your (well, really my) convenience, here are some of the best tips on how to be a triathlete:

tri tips roundup

Something to Tri (The Splattered Apron – on setting up your transition area)

Ditch the Fear and Tri (Mom’s Little Running Buddy)

Sprint Distance Triathlon Training Plan (Mom’s Little Running Buddy)

Tips for Your First Triathlon (NYC Running Mama)

Lessons Learned from my Rookie Year (Iron Rogue)

CaitlinHTP’s Series “So You Wanna Do a Triathlon”:






And if you want to be inspired by people training for triathlons (like an IRONMAN) I suggest you read:

Meals and Miles

NYC Running Mama

Healthy Tipping Point

Runner’s Trials

If you have a great post (or have read a great post) about triathlon training, please leave the link in the comments!  I would love to read it so I’m not as clueless!  Ha! 😉