These past few months have been super busy with the holidays, etc., so time has been super important for me lately.  I’ve been needing workouts that are short + sweet and that I can do anywhere, without weights.  This is even more important when I’m at home and need to get something in during “rest time” at our house.

This total body workout will not only help you get stronger all over, but the plyometric lower body exercises will also help you increase your power, helping you increase your running speed!  I just tested this one out this week for my HIIT for Runners program and I LOVED it!  I was sweating, breathing hard, and – best of all – I was done in 10 minutes!


Equipment needed:  NONE!
Time to Complete:  10 minutes

As many rounds + repetitions as possible in 10 minutes:

Set a timer for 10 minutes and complete the following exercises in order as many times as you can before the timer goes off.

Push-Ups 5x

Squat Jumps 10x

Sit-Ups 15x

Lunge Jumps 20x

Want a little less intensity?  Substitute…

>> Modified Push-Ups for push-ups

>> Body Weight Squats for squat jumps

>> Modified Tucks for tucks

>> Walking Lunges for lunge jumps