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OK, so these posts really aren’t intended to be a weekly thing, but with my weekends as crazy as they have been lately with home selling, grad school, work, etc., this is pretty much all I can muster out on a Sunday night.  #sorryimnotsorry  Thankfully, a few of you seem to enjoy my randomness, so I feel that they’re justified.  Just go with it… 😉

#1:  I’m actually really glad the Olympics are over.  I’ll admit it.  I’m more of a Summer Olympics girl.  I mean, gymnastics and running totally is better than skiing and skating.  You can’t tell me it’s not.  I’ve watched a few of the events but only because there is Nothing. Else. On.  I’m ready for How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy to be back.  Please and thank you.

#2:  Saturday was my first long run outside in 2014.  Sad, really.  But, I had no choice but to run on the treadmill the other weeks, thanks to ice and snow on the sidewalks.  I did 7 miles in 53:32 and it felt completely amazing, although it was 10x harder than running on the treadmill.  Physically, not mentally.  After 3 runs outside last week, my calves are screaming at me.  But, I’ll be back on the treadmill this week with the cold temps – and most likely in the AM since I would rather just get it done.


#3:  I am obsessed with Puppy Chow lately.  I have made puppy chow for every family event lately (New Years, Super Bowl, January/February birthdays) and I seriously cannot get enough of it!  This past weekend I made Brownie Biscoff Puppy Chow (adapted from this version) with dark chocolate M&M’s.  It was really hard for me to leave some at my aunt and uncle’s for their kiddos because I secretly could eat the whole ginormous bowl in one sitting.  #sorryimnotsorry

#4:  I’m recommitting myself to CrossFit.  OK, so I know I had MacKenna almost 2.5 years ago, but since I was pregnant with her, I have really slacked on my lifting.  I just can’t get back into a good rhythm with it.  Part of it is because I’m just plain busy.  But, that’s just an excuse.  I’m really unhappy with the way my body looks and feels right now and I know it’s my own fault for how I have been treating it.  So, I really want to get back into doing CrossFit workouts regularly, as well as actually pushing myself in the workouts.  I struggle with pushing myself as hard as I can and I need to just suck it up and get uncomfortable.

#5:  It’s only Monday and I’m already looking forward to this week being over.  I have a 10-page research paper due Wednesday (which is part of the reason why you’re getting a post like this and not something most in depth), a meeting with my principal on Wednesday, and Parent Teacher Conferences on Friday.  Thankfully, I get to spend some time with my girls this weekend, so that should be a great way to end the week!  Hope y’all have a great one as well!


  • ok I need to get out more 🙂
    I spied PUPPY CHOW and thought WHAT??

    now *I* need to make 🙂

    • Kristen

      Oh girl, you NEED to make… 😉