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With this being my last week of summer break before going back to work next week, I am trying to take full advantage of my later wake-up call (after the sun rises) and cooler morning temperatures to get in some runs outside.  It’s crazy to think that this week will probably be my last chance to run outside for awhile.  And the next time I get the opportunity to run outside, I will most likely be doing it with a baby in a jogging stroller!

These nice, little 2 mile runs have been absolutely perfect.  I am still doing the same run/walk method I have been doing the last couple of weeks and going into each workout without any expectations.  I have been extremely fortunate to not have any problems lately, and I am especially thankful since these runs have been extremely stress-relieving.  With all the worries about childbirth and parenting in my head and the passing of my grandma last week, I have really needed the serenity that running outside gives me.

I have to admit, these runs have me thinking about running post-pregnancy.  I am not planning on doing any real training the rest of 2011 since I don’t know how long it will take me to get back into running after I pop this baby out.  But, it does make me think about how long it will take me to get back into running, when I’ll have the time to run during my maternity leave and after I return to work, and also what it’s going to be like to be pushing a jogging stroller with me on most of those runs.

I am really looking forward to those stroller runs.  So much so that sometimes I want to break out the jogging stroller just to practice with it!  I am looking forward to achieving new PRs pushing the stroller, whether for time or for distance.  But, what I am looking forward to the most is that time I’ll be able to spend with my daughter.  I picture it as a time to bond together.  I know I will talk to her the entire time, telling her how I’m feeling, asking her questions that I know she won’t be able to answer until she’s much older, and telling her how much I love her and love spending time with her.

So, as much as I can’t wait to be able to run “like normal” again, I can’t wait to have my new running buddy with me on those runs.