the non-walker

Someone asked me last week if I was worried that MacKenna still isn’t walking at 15 months.  While normally this is something I would be freaking out over, I am surprisingly not worried (yet).  We are coming to the realization that Kenna just takes her dear, sweet time when it comes to her motor development.  She was an early roller – rolling over from belly to back at just 7 weeks old.  After that, things slowed down.  Back to belly rolling didn’t happen until the day before her 6 month birthday.  Scooting and army crawling wasn’t until 8 months, and actual crawling on all fours was right around 10 months.

I don’t know if it’s because she’s petite or that she just takes her dear, sweet time.  With as late as everything else happened, I shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s taking her awhile to learn how to get sturdy on her 2 feet.  But, as my BFF Julie put it, at least I know that she will eventually walk.  All babies walk.  Some learn quickly, while others – like MacKenna – focus on other things and get around to walking when they feel like it will benefit them.  Or at least I feel like that is Kenna’s logic.  It’s not like she’s not progressing either – she can stand and take steps, but as for walking on her own without assistance, we’re not there yet.

But, I have proof that we’re getting closer and closer every single day.  Is it laziness?  Maybe.  But, she definitely has the smarts to get her way around independently…


Smarty pants.

I really had nothing to blog about today, or this week, but I thought this video was too hilarious to not share with you guys (yes, Facebook friends, you have already seen it).  And she is saying “beep”.  She says it with any of her push toys or tricycle and anytime the microwave or oven beeps.  I swear, she is the funniest child!

Hope you all have a great Thursday and a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be back Monday with a fun giveaway for all my racing pals!

When did you or your child learn to walk?  Anyone else with late bloomers like my Kenna girl?

  • je

    Both of kids walked around 13 mths but I have a friend whose little boy didnt eak until 18mths. Perfectly healthy, just took his time 🙂

  • Alex

    I’ve been reading your blog since my son was born. His is now 14 month old and has been spot on with Kenna with milestones. He will stand briefly on his own now…and I know her could walk if he wanted to…but has never been overly ambitious with physical milestones! I’m right there with ya….I always feel so awkward when other moms ask me I he’s walking yet. It’s all normal though! In a year we won’t even remember the time they didn’t!

  • She’s just busy working on other stuff!

    My son crawled at 9 months and walked at close to 15. His ped was not worried in the least, especially because he had no problems bearing weight on his feet. He just thought it was cool to have me do stuff for him, I guess. He’s now 6.5 and I can’t keep up with him! My daughter was the opposite – she crawled early and she walked at 11 months. That’s when I realized I really didn’t appreciate how much easier it is to have an easygoing, not a hurry to do stuff kinda kid!!
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  • Jessie

    Lyric just took her first independent steps on Monday (16 months, 2 days old). She had never stood up on her own (squat & stand) but suddenly she did it & after a few tries she took several steps. We were worried for a bit bc she seemed to have an issue with her right hip and ankle. But I think she just needed to gain more strength & confidence!

  • Erika

    Our son was a bit early with walking – 10 months. Which was pretty exciting but that also meant that baby proofing had to happen sooner and we couldn’t leave him unsupervised at all (not that we do but I hope you know what I mean). As long as your doctor isn’t worried about it than I wouldn’t be either.

  • Keri

    I was worried about my little boy too. He didn’t walk until 14 months (he’s 15 mo now). However, it happened really fast! I think McKenna is just fine:) And I think its wonderful that she does things on her own time. Hopefully that will translate to the teenage years and she will always do the right thing and not follow the crowd! I have a friend whose oldest walked at 18 mo and youngest at 10 mo! Every child is unique.
    You are an inspiring mom! I’m amazed at the level of fitness you maintain while having a child and working. I’m a SAHM so I have no excuse! I’ve added your pullup workouts to my weekly running and Crossfit workouts as well. So thanks for them!

  • R aud

    Mmmm absolutely no reason to worry!!! She will eventually walk. Beside she is too smart for her age and from what i read her vocabulary is advanced. My daughter walked at 10 month but she is 13 months and doesn’t say a single word. We cannot have it all 🙂

  • Logan started right around 14 months. I considered that kinda late, but like you said, I wasn’t really worried about it either. He was cruising and making progress every day, and then one day it just happened. He doesn’t talk yet really, but I’m not worried about that either. It’ll happen in time!
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