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Here are some ideas of how to get your summer off on the right foot…

Start the day with a green smoothie.

Some of my favorite combinations are strawberry peach, blueberry peach, and pineapple peach.  Obviously peaches are amazing!  And always include a handful (or 2) of spinach to get in some extra nutrients.  A refreshing and healthy way to start your day.


Run some bleachers.

Here’s an awesome running workout you should try this summer if you have access to a track.  (Most high schools allow you to use their track as long as school isn’t in session.)

Bleacher Running Workout

The bleachers we ran had 28 steps in each row.  There were 6 rows of steps.  That’s 336 steps (up + down) each set.  Multiply by 8 and you ran 2,688 steps.  PLUS, another 3-ish miles.  Um, yeah.  I’m definitely feeling that today…

Go swimming or take swimming lessons.

We had so much fun taking MacKenna to swimming lessons the past 2 weeks!  I am so surprised by how much she loved it – well, except for the dunking her underwater part.  She might not have really learned anything about how to swim, but at least she is comfortable in the water now.  And the water felt amazing after all those bleachers.

MacKenna Swimming001

MacKenna Swimming003 MacKenna Swimming002

Eat ice cream – or frozen custard or frozen yogurt.

Because no day is complete without something sweet to eat.  We went and got Orange Leaf last night and I totally overindulged, but it was so worth it!  I believe this is coffee, brownie batter, wedding cake, and peanut butter fro-yo with mini turtles, mini PB cups, snowcaps, Reese’s pieces, streusel topping, chocolate + yogurt covered raisins, chocolate covered pretzels, pretzel M&M’s, and Nutella sauce.  YUM!




How are you enjoying your summer?