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A few weeks ago, I got a text message from our babysitter saying she needed off on October 20th.  After telling Matt and discussing alternative options to childcare, we both decided that since it was my birthday, I should go ahead and take a personal day so that I could spend my birthday with the kiddos.  So, I figured, why not remember the entire day by doing a day in the life post?!  I mean, you only turn 31 once…

4:15 AM – My school alarm goes off.  I turn it off.  Another plus about taking a personal day?  Getting to sleep in (at least a little).

4:20 AM – My second alarm goes off.  WOO!  Another hour to sleep!

5:30 AM – My real alarm goes off.  I stretch my foot before getting out of bed.  I get dressed and pump while checking Facebook.

5:55 AM – I head out the door for my run.  Day 2 of my Vivoactive and I didn’t charge it, so I default to RunKeeper on my phone, which is probably better anyway, since it’s pitch black.  My run was not great.  My knee was bothering me right away.  I stepped in a pot hole (because I couldn’t see it) and twisted my ankle – on my bad foot of course.  Then, about 2 miles in my hip and stomach started bothering me.  I ended up having to walk a few times.  My body just seriously HATES morning runs.  Or it’s reminding me that I’m another year older today.  Ugh.


6:40 AM – MacKenna’s laying in my spot in bed and wishes me a happy birthday.  She gets up and I make her some toast for breakfast.

6:55 AM – I go wake up Miles, who I’m sure enjoyed the extra hour and a half of sleep.  He’s still exhausted but wakes up to nurse.

7:20 AM – Breakfast time with my little guy, while MacKenna plays with her new Chatster doll and watches Daniel Tiger.


7:50 AM – I get both kiddos dressed, make the bed, give Kenna the iPad, put Miles in the jumparoo, and hop in the shower.  Kenna and Miles both play while I shower and get ready for the day.

9:10 AM – Miles is getting crabby and I struggle to get him in his carseat to leave.  I argue with Kenna about only bringing one doll with her – and not her Chatster doll – and beg her to go get some shoes on.

9:20 AM – We’re finally in the car and backing out of the driveway.  Unfortunately, the Starbucks by home had a long line, so I drive out to where we are headed, only to find that the Starbucks there doesn’t have a drivethru.  Ugh.  I decide to try McDonald’s instead and am thoroughly disappointed.  Oh well.


10:00 AM – We get to the car dealership for my 5,000 mile service, only to be told that since my car is almost to 10,000 miles that they’ll just skip the 5,000 mile service and do the 10,000.  Thankfully, they have a playroom, coffee, and snacks to keep us entertained.  MacKenna is a little whiny, but for the most part, both kids are great.


11:25 AM – I’m finally given my car keys back.  Ugh.  There goes our morning.  We get back in the car to head to our next destination – Trader Joe’s!  I’m specifically looking for Pumpkin Cookie Butter but they don’t have it.  So, instead I get some other goodies and some O’s for Miles.


12:00 PM – Back in the car on our way back home.  Both kids fall asleep in the car, so I turn on Serial.  I’m finally on the last few podcasts and can’t wait to hear her conclusions.  (DO NOT RUIN IT FOR ME!)

12:35 PM – Since I’m off work, I meet up with my mom and aunt at Crazy Bowls and Wraps for lunch.  I’m not too hungry after my PSL, so I end up taking home part of my veggie fajita bowl.  Both kids are great as always and it was nice to have some adult interaction during my day!


1:30 PM – Back at home.  I put a princess dress on Kenna and nurse Miles.

2:00 PM – I put Miles down for a nap without any protests.  Because MacKenna snoozed in the car a little bit, I let her skip her nap for the day (it’s just easier than fighting with her).  She plays by herself while I pick up around the house and get some laundry done.  MacKenna and I also get a quick WOD in (5 rounds of 10 pushups, 10 situps, and 10 squats) – you can go watch it on Instagram.  She was a great workout buddy!

3:10 PM – I go wake up Miles and we get back in the car to run some errands.  We go to Target for some essentials and Michaels to buy stuff to make a fall/Halloween wreath for the front door (we’ll see how this goes…).  Kenna begs to go to the pet store, so we go see the kitties, fish, and birds, and I try to convince MacKenna to ask Daddy for a dog.  I also drive to Party City to return some things from Kenna’s party that we didn’t use, only to forget the bag on the counter at home.

5:00 PM – We get home a few minutes before Matt does, who comes home bearing birthday presents!  Beer, flowers, and “permission” to buy 2 more kitchen chairs and end tables from IKEA!  Matt + Kenna put together her new easel in the playroom, while I chase Miles around and get some hip strengthening exercises in.


6:10 PM – Dinner time!  We have leftover pizza from my birthday dinner this weekend, along with splitting 2 of the beers Matt bought.  It’s not a bath night, so we sit and chat at the table for longer than usual, which was really nice.




6:50 PM – Matt starts cleaning up dinner while I go get Miles ready for bed.  I feed Miles on the couch while catching up on Facebook on my phone.

7:30 PM – Brush teeth, PJs, read books, potty + prayers, and off to bed (sang to the tune of the Daniel Tiger bedtime episode).


8:00 PM – I change clothes, wash my face, do some laundry, and make lunches for the next day.

8:40 PM – I finally sit down on the couch to relax and eat some dessert.  The TJ’s pumpkin spice salted caramels are really good, but the Cookie Butter Cups are even better!  Plus, some of my mother-in-law’s “famous” chocolate chip cookie cake, which is pretty much the best cookie cake on the planet.



9:30 PM – I finish up this blog post, finish putting things away, brush my teeth, and get my clothes ready for tomorrow.  It’s thankfully a half day, but we also have parent teacher conferences, which means workout clothes for work and then a maxi skirt for conferences.  I’m happy I got to spend so much time with the kids before not getting to see them at all tomorrow.

10:00 PM – I fall asleep to the news.  It was a great way to start year #31!