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Even though my week has been pretty awesome, Matt has been having a rough week at school.  He was scheduled for dinner tonight but emailed me earlier in the day saying he was too fried to fix dinner.  With a few deals/coupons burning a hole in my pocket, we decided tonight was the perfect night to use one.

Since it’s Friday and Matt tries to be a good Catholic, the only choice we really had was sushi.  Perfect timing to use our Wasabi Sushi Bar deal, which according to Matt’s sister is the best sushi in the city.  (It’s on Washington Ave. for all of you STL folks.)
Right away, I fell in love with their menu for the simple fact that their vegetarian rolls were listed separate from all the other sushi rolls – making it much easier for me (a sushi-newbie) to determine which ones I could eat.  Plus, they also have descriptions with pictures of each sushi roll.  LOVE.


I decided on an avocado roll and a vegetable roll and Matt went for the Philadelphia roll and spicy tuna roll.  All were very delicious!


We had a few extra bucks left to spend with the deal, and with it being Friday, we decided to go ahead and get some ice cream at Wasabi.  I think I’ve only had mochi once before, but it had been awhile since I had it and didn’t remember what it was like. 

Mochi is ice cream covered in a gummy rice cake paste.  It gives it almost a marshmallow-like texture.  I really wanted chocolate and Matt thought strawberry sounded pretty good, so we got one order of each.


The strawberry was just alright, but the chocolate was awesome!  I mean, really, how can you go wrong with chocolate.  Marshmallow-y and chocolatey all in one yummy 2-bite bon bon.  Perfect amount of dessert, and perfect ending for a nice light, refreshing meal.

Hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend!