summer plans

It’s crazy to think that Memorial Day weekend is only a month away (especially since it was freaking snowing yesterday morning) and my first year of teaching is almost done (thank goodness).  As we’re getting closer to summer, I’m starting to plan out everything we have going on and everything we need to get done during our time off.

We are of course travelling like we have done the past few summers.  As someone who never really had the opportunity to live somewhere out of Missouri (born + raised in St. Louis and went to college just 3 hours north of my hometown), I’m so very thankful that I have the summer off to do a little travelling.  We never really go anywhere new, but it’s nice to have that time to take some adventures.  We will be going to Branson several times (per usual) and also spending a week in Gulf Shores, Alabama – MacKenna’s first trip to the beach!  And with the chillier than normal April we’ve been having, I’m looking forward to warmer weather!

We also have several DIY projects to get done around the house while we are in town.  We started painting the trim on our house the summer before I was pregnant (3 years ago) and never finished.  I’m determined to finish it this summer!  I’m also planning on painting the front door and shutters, our master bedroom and bathroom, and possibly the baseboards and doors in our house.  In addition, we are thinking about putting a new deck on the back of our house.  In the 6 1/2 years we’ve owned the house, we never really did anything to take care of the deck.  It’s probably at least 15 years old now and has definitely seen better days.  We really want to spruce our yard and this would be a huge improvement.  Along with some new landscaping in the front and back of course.  I know nothing about how to do any of these things (besides painting) so it could get pretty interesting up in here…

MacKenna-running outside-18 months Playing in our backyard.  That’s our neighbor’s fence – we would like to have something similar in the other parts of our yard.  And maybe a swing set for this little one…

And the thing that I am looking forward to the most this summer:  spending some quality time with MacKenna.  Summer with a baby means stroller runs, swinging at the park, and going to the zoo.  Last summer, we took swimming lessons…

She’s changed just a little bit, huh?!

She absolutely LOVED them!  Unfortunately though, if we signed her up for them again this summer, she would be in the same age group class and we feel like we’d just be throwing our money away for stuff that we already know how to do with her.  Since we have a neighborhood pool, we are planning on taking her 2 times a week to play in the water.

MacKenna-squat waterbottle-18 months

But, I really want her to have some other sort of socialization since she won’t be going to the babysitter everyday.  My best friend is moving back to St. Louis this weekend and we are planning on having some play dates with her little girl, but I really want her to learn and be active in something.  I’m thinking gymnastics but as a late walker and petite little girl, Kenna’s not exactly the most coordinated child.  Something where Matt and I can get involved with her too.  I need some help with this because all I can think of is swimming and gymnastics.

MacKenna-outside-18 months

What sorts of hands-on learning classes have you taken with your child?  What are some other fun things we can do with MacKenna this summer?

  • Erika

    They don’t have much around where I live for baby/toddler activities besides story time at the library – which I recommend! I hear some bigger towns that have museums with activity centers and even music classes – maybe they have something like that around you.

    • Kristen

      Oh, story time is a great one for the summer! I think there might be music classes but I’ll have to look in to it. She loves when we play piano or guitar so I think she would really love a music class.

  • Karen

    Kids World Gymnastics has a great program for little ones and their parents. You can also join the adult class with me! Free trial classes are also a plus.

    • Kristen

      I was just talking about wanting to do gymnastics today! I missed that field trip this year! I’ll have to look into that though!

  • Brenda

    I’ve heard of babies MacKenna’s age doing soccer. That would be cute.

    • Kristen

      I think the youngest they have here is 2 years old – so next summer for sure!

  • Natassia

    I am a gymnastics coach and for kids McKenna’s age usually the class has parent involvement. I can not stress how amazing gymnastics is for coordination, skill development and overcoming fear. In a class her age there will be kids of all skill levels and the biggest focus will be the class setting and helping the kids learn to listen to the teacher and respect their fellow gymnast. Trust me the coach is mostly going to be worried about keeping the kids all in one spot not so much their skill level.