summer bucket list: what we did all summer

The Concrete Runner - Summer Bucket List 2016


I saw a meme this week that said, “June + July lasted about 5 minutes.”  Yup, that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now.  It never fails:  once we do our big vacation (usually to Gulf Shores) the summer just seems to FLY by.  Like, how is July already over and it’s time for me to head back to work?!  As much as I thought I was ready last week, I’m sooooooo NOT ready to go back!  Wah…

But, we did have a very successful summer.  Thankfully, we front loaded a lot of our bucket list this summer, getting most of it done before July, but July was also another very busy month.  We still didn’t get through everything this summer (we WILL go to the Transportation Museum someday), but we can’t complain about how much we did get done!

1. Take the kids to Big Joel’s Safari. – CHECK!

2. Go to the movies or a dive-in movie.  While we were down in Gulf Shores, we had a day that looked like it was going to rain all day.  So, instead of just lazing around the condo, my mom + I decided to take MacKenna to go see “Finding Dory” at the movie theater!  While I really liked the movie, Kenna got scared of something right at the beginning of the movie and spent the entire movie sitting on my lap and wanting to leave.  I swear I have the wimpiest child in the world.  She talks about how much she liked it, but I’m not quite sure I believe her…

3. Go to a baseball game at Wrigley Field.  Matt + I had a great time visiting Wrigley while we were in Chicago!  While I HATED being surrounded by Cubs fans, I have to admit – the atmosphere was pretty amazing and our seats were actually great!  And we have another MLB field checked off our list!



4. Play at Zachary’s Playground.CHECK!

6. Feed the goats and drink beer at Grant’s Farm.CHECK!

7. Visit a new-to-us brewery.CHECK!

8. Take a road trip to a new city.  Eh, we sort of did this.  We decided not to take a road trip on our way home from Gulf Shores, but instead, headed to Ste. Genevieve in southeastern Missouri to check out Crown Valley Winery.  I wouldn’t exactly say it was a new city – although, we did explore a little of Alton this summer.  So, I’ll go ahead and check this off!


9. Have a picnic dinner in the backyard.  OK, technically, we didn’t get this one done.  We did have a BBQ with the backyard neighbors, but that’s not exactly what I was thinking.  Maybe when it cools down a little, we can have a nice dinner outside.

10. Watch the sunrise while drinking coffee.  Yeah, I could not wake up early enough this summer to get this one done.  Oh well…

11. Drink a beer on the patio after the kids go to bed.  This one didn’t happen either, but there is a plan for some date nights coming up!

12. Play backyard games with the neighbors.  Does playing Cards Against Humanity count?!  We had several nights outside playing Cards with our backyard neighbors, and as expected, we had a great time laughing (and drinking) together!  Matt did pull out the cornhole early in the summer, but we only played that with the kids.

13. Bake something new with MacKenna.CHECK!

14. Make homemade ice cream.  So, I can’t find my ice cream maker… I was planning on making some for our backyard BBQ with the neighbors, but we couldn’t find it – nor do we have room in our freezer currently.

15. Grow something in the backyard.  Ha!  That didn’t happen…

16. Do something crafty.  This was the last one to get checked off.  I bought some chalk paint off Amazon and painted my desk, file cabinet, and refrigerator at school!  I absolutely LOVE my office right now!  It makes me look forward to going to work!  (I haven’t actually taken a picture yet!  But, I will update this when I do!)

17. Learn something new.CHECK!

18. Pick strawberries.CHECK!

19. Plant flowers.  Hahahahahaha… (see above)

20. Go to the zoo EARLY.  I don’t think I will ever go late in the day ever again.  We got to the zoo just after 9 and stayed longer than I think we ever have before!  We went to the children’s zoo, petted the stingrays (I did – Kenna was too scared), saw elephants, sea lions, the polar bear, penguins, and a cheetah!  And we ended with some Dole Whip, per usual.

I’d say this was definitely a successful summer!  However, I will admit that I’m ready for next summer already…


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  • Tamsyn Smith

    That sounds like a really busy summer that has been full of fun 🙂