summer bucket list 2016 // update

The Concrete Runner - Summer Bucket List 2016Time to update you on our Summer Bucket list so far!  We have a jam packed summer, so we’ve spent the first 4-5 weeks of summer trying to get in as much as possible.  I can say that we have done a pretty good job so far and we certainly have kept ourselves busy!  There has not been many days where we’ve just sat around the house.  Most days, you can find us outside playing in the kiddie pool or sprinklers; otherwise, we are checking things off the list!

So, here is what we have done so far:

(Sorry I don’t have pictures of everything – I’ve been doing Snapchat for most of what we’ve done this summer and always forget to save the pictures!  At least it makes me use my good camera, right?!)

Take the kids to Big Joel’s Safari.  This is by far my favorite thing we have done so far this summer!  I’m pretty sure I liked it a lot more than the kids, but being able to be up close and personal, feeding + petting a variety of different animals was just so much fun!  We will definitely be going back again!

Play at Zachary’s Playground.  Well, worth the wait!  I absolutely LOVED this playground!  And we went super early so it wasn’t crowded yet.  It also has a splash pad, so it’s an even better reason to go back!

Feed the goats and drink beer at Grant’s Farm.  Check!  This is always a summer must for us!

Summer Bucket List 2016 - Grants Farm

Visit a new-to-us brewery.  We went to Old Bakery Beer Company in Alton, Illinois for Father’s Day this past weekend.  We really enjoyed the beer and I will gladly go back!  I do plan on going to Revolution Brewing when we are in Chicago too, but we have a few more weeks until that happens.

Bake something new with MacKenna.  This goes hand-in-hand with another bucket list item below, but we had an overabundance of strawberries, so MacKenna and I made short cakes for some strawberry short cake!  Loved by all!


Learn something new.  I was really anticipating beginning learning how to play guitar, but I am in the process of building my run coaching business (watch this space!) and I have been learning SO much about marketing and business that I really am starting to feel more confident in myself in general.  Maybe I’ll get around to learning how to play guitar too…

Pick strawberries.  We went to Lakeview Farms a few weeks ago and spent 30 minutes picking strawberries as a family.  Both kids LOVED it!  It was really fun!



Seven out of 20 completed so far!  I got really close to watching the sunrise yesterday, but the clouds really got in my way.  Grrr.  Lots more adventures ahead!