stuff my students say

After a week of having students, it’s been interesting to hear their reaction to the Baby Bump. You’d think they’d never seen a pregnant person before (and I’m not the only one at school either) with some of the comments they’ve made. One of the reasons I love teaching elementary school students is that you just never know what will come out of their mouths. There is definitely no filter – what they think is what comes out of their mouths.

So, I thought I’d share some of the stuff my kids have said in the last week with you guys for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

“Is there a baby in your belly?” or “Are you pregnant?”

Most common asked question from students I had last year. (Can you tell which age group asks which question?) I know I wasn’t showing very much at the end of the school year, so it is definitely a big change for my stomach to be quite large. But really, do you think I could gain 25 pounds only in my stomach in 12 weeks? I certainly hope not!

I have enjoyed responding to them by turning it around on them. “What do you think?” Most of them say yes or they think so, and I usually say I think so too. I have loved seeing their reactions though!

“Your belly is big, but your face is so thin.” – Kindergartener

I’ll take that as a compliment, thankyaverymuch! This was after her and another boy were debating on whether there was an actual basketball in my belly, that I had possibly swallowed, or if it really was a baby inside of there. Believe me, I’m pretty sure a basketball in my stomach cannot move the way this little girl moves in there – although it might be a little more comfortable at times!

“I think you ate a horse last night.” – Kindergartener

This went along with the same conversation above. So we went from eating a basketball to actually eating a horse. Maybe figuratively, since the Hunger Monster has been absolutely raging lately, but definitely not literally. And really, am I that big?

“I don’t think you have a baby in your belly – I think you eat too much food.” – Kindergartener

Ouch. Well, I’m glad she knows how people gain weight! I’m not sure if I did eat too much that I’d want all the weight to be in my stomach though! Same child has also gone up to other teachers who are not pregnant (and are also not in the slightest bit overweight) and has told them they have a big baby in their belly. Hopefully she’ll out grow this as she gets a little older. I’m just happy it’s not my child saying those things!

I think I might actually miss my little cuties while on maternity leave! At least I’ll have a new little one in my life to make me laugh and smile!

  • Jen

    Omg, too funny! And how did that horse taste? 😉 Kids say the cutest things! I’m glad you’re taking it well. Some pregnant women may freak out from those comments, even coming from a 5 year old’s mouth!
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    • Kristen

      It’d be worse if I wasn’t pregnant! You can’t take what they say too seriously. Most of them are just trying to be silly, but sometimes they just don’t know any better!

  • Haha…some of these aren’t that different from the comments/questions I got from my middle schoolers!
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