stitch fix review // june 2016

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The Concrete Runner - Stitch Fix Review June 2016

After my last fix, I decided to schedule my next fix for a month earlier in order to get some new clothes for summer and before the several trips we have planned this summer.  I’m really glad I did, but I had no intention of really keeping everything.  I’ve actually been doing pretty good on clothes so far this summer (as in, I haven’t felt like I have nothing to wear), and I really don’t “dress up” too often since we don’t do much except for on the weekends.  And by “dress up”, I mean that I wear shorts and a nice top, instead of athletic clothes.  I pretty much live in my running clothes all summer, so having a few essentials is necessary, but mostly just for vacations when we actually go out and do things that require nicer things.

Really, what I was looking for was a new pair of shorts (most of the ones in my closet are pre-kids) and maybe a cute top or two.  Well, my stylist certainly knows me well, because it was definitely another successful fix – except that I didn’t describe the shorts I was looking for very well.  I said “longer” shorts, meaning I didn’t want my booty hanging out of them.  That’s not quite what she sent me, but that’s partially my fault…

And shame on me, because as I write this, I totally forgot to keep my style sheet and it’s already been taken out in the recycling, so I have NO idea what most of these brands/styles are, so sorry if you really like one of them.  I suggest pinning them if you like them – the stylists DO look at your Pinterest boards for inspiration and sometimes actually send you the things you pin!


White Bermuda Shorts

Like I said, I totally bombed on describing what I was actually looking for.  While these were cute, I felt really frumpy and too “mom” in them.  I know, I am one, but I felt like they looked like Mom Jeans on me.  So, yeah, that was a definite no, which I knew before even pulling them out of the box.  Again, if you are wanting non-booty shorts, make sure you pin something specific.  Otherwise you might end up with Mom Jeans… RETURN.

Blue/White Open Back Top

I knew when I pulled this one out of the box that it was definitely a keeper!  It is totally my style and I love that I will be able to wear it year round with leggings!  Plus, the back detail is adorable!  I definitely have a thing for cute backs on tops!  Oh, and long and loose are definitely my go-to’s!  KEEPER!


Teal Lace Tank Top

I really love lace as well as cute backs (I never thought I would love anything with lace until I started trying on wedding dresses – I still ended up getting one without any lace).  Plus, the color on this is gorgeous.  But, I have a very similar top in my closet already, so I knew that I definitely did not NEED this top.  RETURN.


Navy + White Striped Hoodie

Again, definitely my style but I wasn’t a huge fan of it.  I love things that are sporty, like I could wear it with my workout pants, but I can also dress them up with jeans or shorts on the weekend.  But, Lord knows I don’t need another sweatshirt or hoodie, especially since I just bought an “I Run This Body” hoodie earlier in the week.  RETURN.


Floral + Navy Tank Top

Long and loose – and floral!  I absolutely LOVE patterns and mixing patterns in my clothes.  Plus, it’s a tank top that’s not black or grey!  This one was a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe, and quite honestly, I think it completed my summer style!  KEEPER!

I am in the process of really weeding out my clothing.  I’m starting to realize that I really don’t wear half of what I own.  I really don’t need a lot of things for work:  t-shirts, a few jackets, some sweatshirts, some pants + shorts.  So, if I don’t need that much for work which is 180 days each year, I figure I probably don’t need a lot for the weekends when I actually try to look nice.  I’m thinking about (1) creating myself a capsule wardrobe just for my weekend clothes, and (2) writing a post about my wardrobe if ya’ll would be interested.

But otherwise, another successful Stitch Fix!  I’m looking forward to my next box in September already!  Woohoo for fall clothes!

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