stitch fix review | december

**Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.**

So, I’m totally behind on reviewing my latest Stitch Fix.  I’m actually supposed to be getting a new box TODAY (woohoo!), so most likely, you will be getting another review in the next week or so.  But, these boxes have just been getting better and better as it goes.  When I signed up for my December shipment, I specifically asked for a cute jacket or coat that I could wear with jeans.  Because honestly, jeans are my go to outside of sweats and yoga pants.  Very rarely will you see me in dress clothes.  Jeans are about as dressy as I get…

She didn’t quite nail my fix, but she definitely got some things right!  One of the keys for me has been being specific with what I’m looking for and giving really good feedback.  Last month, she even got some inspiration from my Pinterest board.  I have a bunch of blanket scarves pinned because I got one from my SIL for my birthday and I really struggle to know how to wear it.  (Um, yeah, I’m far from fashionable or trendy.)

Here’s my December fix:

Sammi Pullover Sweater


I really wanted to love this sweater, because I seriously love sweaters and just recently pulled a bunch I no longer wear out of my closet, so I felt like I needed to refresh my sweater stash.  Most of my sweaters are cardigans (I LOVE cardigans!), so I needed some real sweaters.

But, this just didn’t do it for me.  It looked like an ugly Christmas sweater to me, to be perfectly honest, and really, looked uglier than my Tipsy Elf sweater I had been wearing earlier that day.

Verdict:  Return

Anita Skinny Pant

Again, I own about 2 pairs of pants (jeans) that I actually wear on a regular basis – that aren’t yoga pants.  I liked these, but definitely didn’t love them.

Verdict:  Return

Bolton Plaid Scarf


I freaking LOVE scarves!  I loved the color of this and the fact that it was a little skinnier width-wise than a blanket scarf, which made it way easier to wear.  This one was a no brainer…

Verdict:  KEEP!

Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top


By far my favorite type of dressy top.  Long, flowy, and you can dress it up or down.  This ended up being my Christmas Eve top with leggings and a scarf.

Verdict:  KEEP!

Analisse Anorak Jacket


Like I said, I really wanted a cute jacket I could wear with jeans during the winter and early spring.  But, I knew as soon as I pulled it out of the box that it was definitely NOT me.  To military looking and just wasn’t my style at all.  Definitely looked better on, but I wasn’t won over.

Verdict:  Return

So, out of my fix this month, I ended up keeping 2 of the 5 things.  If that happens every month, I’m happy!  And I spent about as much as I would had I shopped at Target or Kohls, so you can’t really beat that!  Can’t wait to try on my next fix soon!