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I actually have 2 reviews to share – Stitch Fix and Wantable – but I will leave my other review for next week.  Plus, I feel that “dress up” clothes (at least they are for me) are much more exciting than workout clothes.  Which I think is why I am still loving Stitch Fix and continue to plan on getting new boxes every couple of months.

My last Fix was back in January, so I was super excited to get another one last week.  For my April Fix, I asked for mostly summer-style clothing.  The weather is starting to get warmer (you’ll notice by my super awesome track tan – hello, sunburn!), so I specifically asked for some loose, flowy tank tops, and maybe some cute shorts for summer.

The Concrete Runner - Stitch Fix Review April 2016

Again, my stylist totally nailed it…

Kathandra Woven Placket Knit Top


I wasn’t crazy about the pattern on the one at first, but I absolutely loved the style.  I liked the wider strap that cut in a little closer to the neck line, but was still able to cover up my bra straps.  Such a cute top – definitely a keeper!

Nanor Pleat Tab Top


I think the only thing I really didn’t like about this top is that it was wrinkled!  Ha!  Cute shoulder details, nice a loose, and I love the pleats on the bottom.  Another keeper!

Pettigrew Open Flap Neck Top


This was definitely my favorite of the 3 tops I was sent.  I actually wore this the day my box arrived, I loved it so much!  Very simple, but still had a cute pattern to it.  And was exactly what I asked for in terms of tank tops.  Keep!

Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean


I’ve been gawking at boyfriend jeans on Pinterest for a little while now.  They just look so cute, both casual and a little dressed up.  These were not exactly what I had in mind, though, and were definitely not the cute summer shorts I had asked for.  But, I really liked these more than I anticipated.  They were a bit looser than I would have liked and maybe just a bit too big, but nothing a belt can’t fix.  I was hesitant, but I decided to keep it.

Miz Mooz Floral Sneakers


So, Stitch Fix just started sending shoes as part of their Fixes.  While I didn’t specifically ask for shoes, nor did I really want a pair, I ended up really, really liking these.  The only problem was that they were too small.  Boo.  But, after a quick contact to my stylist, she found a pair a size bigger and I was able to send back these for the bigger size!  That’s not always possible because of what they have in stock, but I was very thankful they were able to find me a bigger size.  Because these were definitely ones I wanted to keep!

Yup, I ended up keeping the entire box – again!  I think I’m on my 5th fix now, and I’ve kept everything in 3 of my 5 total boxes!  My clothes from Stitch Fix are starting to become my essentials for the weekend (keep in mind, I only wear workout clothes during the week as a P.E. teacher) – I’m actually getting to the point where I’m starting to purge my closet of all but these clothes.  I’m really starting to think about doing a capsule wardrobe because I just don’t need that much clothing and I am getting such great clothes that I can change up and mix and match with other things in my closet already.  I’m pumped to be getting another fix in a few months (I decided to get one a month earlier than I had planned – so I’ll be getting my next one in June instead of July) – I’m hoping I can score some really awesome summer clothes before all of our vacations!

As always, if you haven’t tried Stitch Fix out yet, you definitely should!  I got my mom a gift certificate for Christmas and I think she really enjoyed getting clothes she could try on at home.  Probably not as much as me because my mom loves to shop (I HATE clothes shopping), but I know she said she enjoyed it.  It’s definitely worth the $20 styling fee just to try it out, but I warn you, they get better over time.  So, if you’re not happy with your first one, change your preferences, be more specific, and get that Pinterest board going so your stylist knows exactly what you’re looking for!  I’ve literally gotten things that I’ve pinned in my Fixes, so it is worth it!