spring cleaning [giveaway]

Those who know me well know that I’m a neat freak.  I like living + working in a clean environment (though, sometimes my laziness gets the best of me).  My parents taught me at a young age how to clean a bathroom the “right way” – cleaning a house is just something engrained in me.


My cleaning buddy… You better believe she will learn how to clean the bathroom at a young age!

I’ve talked in the past about the program that changed my lifehow to clean your house in 20 minutes a day.  While this was absolutely WONDERFUL before I had a baby and while I was on maternity leave, being a working mom has made it difficult to continue taking those 20 minutes everyday to clean.  (I know 20 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, but I cherish those extra 20 minutes with my daughter or to sleep!)  Now, I have to spend some time on the weekend getting my house spotless.  Therefore, I need to have cleaning products that get the job done efficiently so I’m not spending too much of my precious weekend time away from my baby.

While I used to make my own cleaning products that worked just fine, I had the opportunity to test out some cleaning products recently and now I can’t imagine going back to my vinegar smelling, inefficient homemade products.   These products just work too well – so, well that I will no longer buy other cleaning products.

Way back in the fall, I received some Green Works products as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.  I received an all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, and all-purpose antibacterial wipes.  I got right down to using the all-purpose cleaner on my sinks and toilets in the bathroom.

all purpose cleaner original

First of all, it smells FANTASTIC!  It’s by far the best smelling cleaning product I’ve ever used.  Not only did it smell good, but it cleaned great as well.  I was able to easily wipe off all the toothpaste crud out of the sink and it made my faucets sparkling clean.  I used the antibacterial wipes to wipe down our bathroom shelves and bottles of lotion, etc., and loved it also!  Since the fall, I’ve bought both these products again after running out, as well as Green Works toilet bowl cleaner.  To have a product that is not only good for the environment but cleans great is a must have in my eyes!

I just recently used the detergent on our everyday clothes  and it smells AMAZING!  Seriously, it’s hard to believe these products are “green” because they smell so good!  I will definitely continue to buy Green Works products, except for probably the detergent since I can’t use them on our cloth diapers (it contains enzymes that will ruin my diapers).

I’m a very lucky girl and was also contacted by the awesome people at Fish Foam asking if I could test out their window/glass cleaner a few weeks ago.  Actually, they sent me 3 of their HUGE cans to test out.  Seriously, these things are HUGE.


I don’t clean my windows too often since we have plantation shutters so our windows don’t really get marks on them, so instead I tried this out on my bathroom mirrors and shower doors.  Holy foam!  I loved how this foamed up on the mirror and doesn’t really drip like other glass cleaners do.  (I left this on the mirror for a few minutes, that’s why you see it dripping a bit, but it’s still in place for the most part.)


It also wiped away leaving absolutely no streaks in a matter of seconds.  And it got off all the crud from the mirrors that accumulate when we floss our teeth (I’m an everyday flosser).  It also worked great on my glass shower doors (it actually got rid of some of the soap scum!) and on our front storm door.  I know I will have little finger prints on our windows and mirrors soon and I know this product is going to be perfect for keep them spic + span!

In addition to sending me 3 of their giant cans of cleaner, the awesome people at Fish Foam want to giveaway a 3-pack of their window cleaner to THREE (3) of my fabulous readers!  Seriously, if you have a ton of windows and mirrors in your house, or your just a neat/clean freak like me, you will want this stuff!

To enter, leave a comment below telling me if you’re a hardcore cleaner (on the floor, scrubbing with a toothbrush regularly), a tidier (wipe things down + pick things up to make it look nice), or a messy person (OK, you don’t really have to admit this).  Entries are open until Tuesday, April 3 at 8 PM Central Time.  I will pick three winners (using Random.org) and announce them on the blog on Wednesday morning!

[Thanks to the awesome people at Fish Foam for sponsoring this giveaway.  While they provided me with the product, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own.]

  • I’m a tidier! I hate clutter! It makes me crazy. We’re getting ready to buy our very first house and would love to have a way to keep all my beautiful new windows clean!
    Verna recently posted..Update!

  • Alex

    A bit OCD here… I clean molding and window/door tracks weekly…and I have a newborn… I know I know. I’m. Nuts!

  • Lee

    I am horrible at cleaning. My New Years Resolution year after year is to keep the house clean and I cannot do it. I’m going to take a look at that 20 minute a day link. What’s worse is that my husband is worse than I am at cleaning. Two messy people do equal a clean house. The thing is, it bothers me, whereas my husband doesn’t even notice.
    Lee recently posted..A Blah Post

  • Julie

    I’m a tidier! Used to be very messy in college… But now since owning a house I’m much better- that window cleaner looks awesome!

  • Haley

    I am definitely a tidy person….and become a neat freak about once a month and it feels oh so good!

  • I used to be messy when I lived at home with my parents, but I’m definitely a tidier now. I can’t say that I’ve ever scrubbed the floor with a toothbrush but the swiffer was a great invention 😉 I do get bit by the cleaning bug once in a while, especially this time of year, Spring cleaning!

    Thanks for having a giveaway!
    Sarah recently posted..Happy Herbivore, Round Two!

  • SherryC

    I’m a tidier. However, I do enjoy “Spring Cleaning”. I always have a yard sale around this time of year, what doesn’t sell gets donated. Nothing comes back in the house. I’ve cleaned my carpets last week. It’s just awesome to have a clean and decluttered house.

  • Heather

    I am lazy, but I’m trying to do better about establishing good habits. Oddly enough, my house was the cleanest in the weeks following the birth of my third baby. The less time I have, the better I use it?…

  • Im a tidier for sure. I love a deep cleaned house but I HATE taking a full day to do it so I only do that every blue moon…probably need to do it more often since I now have a 4.5 month old!
    Nicole recently posted..3 Months Old!

  • I go back and forth between obsessive cleaning and just straightening up, some days I just don’t have it in me to keep up! With two little ones (one that’s crawling all over the place), I’m always trying to keep the floors clean AND be cautious of what I’m cleaning with.

  • Emily

    I wish I was a super-cleaner but I’m simply a lowly “tidier” for sure. But i’d love some fish foam!

  • I’m in between a neat freak and a tidier. Is that such a thing?
    heather recently posted..Disney Princess Weekend: Monday, and a Giveaway!

  • I am a tidier! Once a month we do a whole deep clean- but other than that we are too busy : )

  • Meghan

    I’m definitely alternate between a tidier and a cleaner. I wish I was always in clean mode though!!

  • I am a messy person. My house is clean enough and that’s good enough for me. My kids aren’t going to remember that the house wasn’t perfect – they’re going to remember that Mommy spent time with them!! Even if we have company over, I’ll run the vacuum an extra time and give an extra swipe in the bathroom, but I figure they’re coming to see me, not my house.
    Lani (@armytbonegirl) recently posted..Race recap for the @azdistance Valley of Gold Half Marathon

  • Kathryn

    My cleaning style has come a long way since I got married and we bought our first house. I went from messy to tidier and I really don’t enjoy clutter at all. My husband and I are expecting our first child in June and efficiently cleaning will be even more important! We also have a golden retriever that always puts his nose on windows 🙁 Would be great to have a cleaning product easy to use that works!

  • I hard core need to hire a maid. I love a clean house but my cleaning has been lacking post-baby!
    Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine recently posted..You say it’s your birthday….

  • Shari

    I am a hardcore cleaner! I just had a baby a month ago so I am home most everyday. Unfortunately, i find myself vacuuming, cleaning the coffee table and kitchen table everyday. My two year old, my dog (big shedder!), and the color of my coffee table (black!) keep me VERY busy cleaning!! (the baby hasnt started making big messes yet 🙂

  • Kassie

    I’m definitely a hardcore cleaner, especially when it comes to bathrooms. I clean mine atleast once a week, usually twice!

  • I love Green Works products too! I’ve never tried the wipes or the detergent, but I love the all-purpose cleaner. I’m more of a “tidier” but if I had all the time in the world, I’d rather be a hardcore cleaner. Who has the time though?? Where can you find that Fish Foam to purchase. Also, if you have glass shower doors (we do!) how DO you get all the hard water/residue off?? You said the Fish Foam gets some of it off… But I want it all gone!! Lol I’ve tried KaBoom and several other products, and nothing works. Suggestions??
    Laura recently posted..Everything is Going Green.

  • zanda

    Umm… slightly messy. No, I have moments of a super cleaner and moments when life takes over and nothing gets clean.

    Love the giveaway.

  • Brenda

    I’m a tidy person. I love the way my house looks when it’s vaccumed and everything is picked up!

  • KatieTX

    I always feel better when things are clean! It is just so hard to convince myself to pick up regularly. We just bought a new house with lots of windows and 4 bathrooms, so I could definitely use new cleaner! I love Greenworks, too!

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    Thank you so much for your time and consideration.