spring break eats

Spring Break!  Woop woop!  (Name that Friends episode.)  I was definitely ready for a break from my kiddos – not that I don’t love them, because I surely do, but I think we all needed a break.  You get to a point in the semester where everyone is just burnt out and need some time to rest their minds.  Plus, a week and a half off school isn’t bad either!

Spring Break also means I get to be a stay at home mom for the week!  It’s not helping the fact that I would still LOVE to be a stay at home mom, but I am happy to have this time with her.  We are having a fabulous time together, even though she is refusing to nap in her crib and is dealing with a little bit of a cough + cold that she caught from Mommy + Daddy.


And Spring Break means I get to eat at home!  Yay!  It was nice to get back on track after a weekend of indulging in Branson.  (It really wasn’t that bad, but I needed some fruit + veggies in my life again.)

AM Snack + Workout

I made this protein banana bread last week for pre-workout snacks.  Definitely delicious with only 170 calories per slice and 6.7 grams of protein!


I headed to the gym for my first workout of Stage 3 of New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I already like stage 3 a lot more than 2, and I was beyond sore yesterday from the single-leg deadlifts and incline dumbbell presses.  Love being sore!

After my lift, I went on a pre-dawn easy run.  I’m attempting to get over my fear of running in the dark and these short runs are helping.  Although I run much slower than during the day, which I think is because I can’t see my footing.  I feel like I am going to fall into a dark abyss with each step.  Yes, I’m a tad crazy.  But, an easy 3 miles to start my day was perfect!


I was planning on having oatmeal everyday during spring break, but I had yet to go to the grocery store and was out of pretty much everything I like in my oatmeal.  So, instead I had a yogurt bowl.


Vanilla Chobani, dry oats, and fruit + nut medley.  I went back and added an apple to bulk it up a little bit more.

Mid-Morning Snack

Fruit + nut medley to hold me over until lunch.  I was hangry…



Lately, I’ve been loving + craving veggie bowls.  Spring Break means I get to make them every day!  When I go back to school, I am planning on prepping a bunch of quinoa + rice for the week and just throw one of those with some frozen veggies in a tupperware to take for lunch.  So easy + delicious!


Quinoa, frozen veggies, black beans, olive oil, Garlic Gold Nuggets, and nutritional yeast.

And some Wheat Thins with cheddar after because I was still hungry.


PM Snacks + Workout

It was absolutely gorgeous on Monday, so MacKenna and I went out for a 2 mile run in the jogging stroller.  Thankfully, she took a little nap – she was being a cranky pants!

I’m still trying to get in a smoothie everyday since I won’t be having one for breakfast this week.  Post-workout is the perfect time for one!


Frozen pineapple, frozen strawberries, vanilla soymilk, vanilla protein powder, and a handful of spinach.  Yum!

I also had some animal crackers before dinner because I was still hungry!  (Do you see a recurring theme here?!)



Tofu + roasted veggies for dinner – one of my favorites!  Matt got me this really cool tofu press for Christmas, so I’m attempting to cook tofu more often.  It definitely helps get the tofu extra crispy since it gets out most of the moisture.


I roasted the veggies at 375 for 40 minutes and they turned out perfectly!  Zucchini, new potatoes, red pepper, and broccoli tossed with truffle oil + garlic.  With some sticky brown rice.


No non-dessert for me.  I had made some peppermint cocoa we got at Christmas, but it was too sweet even for my sweet tooth.  Blech.

I’m calling the doctor first thing this morning since M’s dealing with this cough + runny nose.  Poor baby just isn’t feeling good, and it doesn’t help that she’s teething also.  And then, it’s off to Roly Poly to pick up lunch and go visit Daddy at school!  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be a stay at home mom all the time!


What did/would you do during your Spring Break?  Anyone else a homebody like me?

  • can you explain what garlic gold nuggets are? or is it self-explanatory?
    katie@newmamamac.blogspot.com recently posted..Registered

    • Kristen

      Definitely not self explanatory, since I had no idea what to expect until I actually got some! They’re dried pieces of minced garlic that you can pretty much put on anything. The package says to use them like bacon bits, so that’s pretty much what I do! They’re really good! I’m glad I have a nice foodie friend who gave them to me!

  • I love being home too….even more so now that I have a little one. Love the bonding time. 🙂
    Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..You Know You’re a Mom When

    • Kristen

      Will you get to spend more time at home with CJ with the new gym?

  • Kelly

    Have you ever thought about looking into a work from home opportunity? I’m giving a shot now before I absolutely HAVE to go back to work in the fall, so that maybe I won’t have to go back. Ha! I love love love teaching, but I can’t fathom the thought of leaving my baby girl.

    • Kristen

      A little bit, but I just love teaching so much, I can’t really see myself doing anything else. I am in the process of looking for a new job and at-home opportunities are an option. I’m not limiting myself to just teaching jobs because it’s so hard to (1) find one and (2) actually get a teaching job. What are you looking at for at-home work?

      • Kelly

        I’m actually working with Arbonne. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of them, but it’s a health and wellness company with completely botanical, vegan cosmetics, skin care, and fitness type stuff. The business opportunity was just too awesome for me to pass up. I’m a music teacher, and when my partner in crime/co-choir director and I found out we were getting laid off at the end of last year, she started her business. I was like, “oh, haha, yeah, that’ll work out just great for ya,” but then in December she was driving the brand new Mercedes they’re paying for and had pretty much doubled her teaching salary. So, I decided to take a closer look. I still want to teach, it’s always been my ultimate goal/dream to be a HS band director, but here in PA, music jobs are getting cut constantly, so I have absolutely no guarantees of even having any teaching job in the fall. I basically HAD to look elsewhere, and as much as I LOVE shopping at Target, working there wouldn’t pay the mortgage 🙂

  • Sounds like you are having a very nice spring break 🙂 I’m sure you are enjoying being home. I dont have children yet, but when I do I will also have to work.. I love reading your blog as you have such a great balance.
    And yes, I’m a huge homebody! As long as I am with my family I’m a happy girl.

    • Kristen

      Thank you! I’m trying to make working, working out, and being a mom work. It’s hard but right now it’s working!

  • Rim

    I am really surprised that moms in USA get such little maternity leave… Move over to Canada .. We r just next door… We get a year .. Up to two years if we want ( little pay , but ur job is still there for u) n we can split it with the husbands… Your a hero for balancing both, I would have failed if I was in ur place …!!!

  • Shari

    Can u share how to make the quinoa dish?? Ive always wanted to coom quinoa but have no clue what to do with it. Your dish looked good! (p.s. also a teacher! 🙂

    • Kristen

      I cooked a cup of quinoa with 2.25 cups water (you can use vegetable broth – it’s pretty bland on it’s own). I always top my quinoa with veggies, whether I roast them or stir fry them. I like roasted veggies the best – bake at 375 for 30-45 minutes (tossed with a tablespoon of olive oil). You can add any protein you like – chicken, fish, steak, or tofu. And I just pile everything on top of the quinoa! Sometimes I’ll add BBQ sauce just because it tastes good! 😉