socal vacay: los angeles

The second part of our trip was spent in Los Angeles.  My family that lives in California is actually from the LA/Anaheim area, so we decided to drive up to LA so we could spend some more time with them and do a little bit more sight seeing.

Our first stop was to Hollywood Boulevard.  Not as “ritzy” as one would expect.  Yes, there are plenty of nice places to visit… in between all the “adult” stores.  True story.  We did stop to see Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the celebrity “squares” and Walk of Fame.  MacKenna bundled up in the Baby Bjorn and loved every second of it!  Unfortunately, our only celebrity sighting was one of the guys from TMZ who just happened to be walking down one of the back streets we were driving down.  Matt + I saw him, looked at each other, and screamed, “THAT’S THE GUY FROM TMZ!”  Yup, we’re losers…





Most of the rest of our time in LA was spent in Disneyland!  It was obviously MacKenna’s first time to any Disney park, but it was also my sister-in-law Sara’s first time to Disneyland.  (Matt came with us 8 years ago for one of my other cousin’s weddings.)  Our Disney days were loooooong days that usually ended with MacKenna screaming all 20 minutes of the car ride home because she was just so tired and hungry.  But, other than that, she was really good and was able to meet Minnie Mouse + Jessie from Toy Story!







We rode most of the big rides (except Splash Mountain – it was just too long of a line to wait in).  But the thing we were most excited about was Cars Land that just opened up in California Adventure 3 weeks prior to us going.  It was literally walking through Radiator Springs.  It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced – like being part of a Disney/Pixar movie.  Amazing!  And yes, we did get a chance to ride the Radiator Racers – also amazing!












We spent our last full day in California at Universal Studios in Hollywood.  I really shouldn’t say we spent the full day there – we really were only there for a few hours and only road a few of the rides (the tram tour, the Simpsons ride, and Shrek 4D), but after 13 hours at Disneyland the day before (and 8 hours two days before that), we were pretty much theme parked out.  Plus, we had food + family waiting for us!


It’s a weekly tradition with my family in LA to have Taco Night every Friday night.  We were all really upset that we wouldn’t be able to experience Taco Night since the only Friday we were in California was spent at the rehearsal + in San Diego.  So, my aunt, being the awesome aunt she is, moved it to Wednesday night, just for us!  (Ugh, I can’t believe it’s been a week since that already!)  Why is Taco Night so special?  Because they fry the corn tortillas before stuffing them full of the good stuff (cheese + veggies for me).  A pretty far cry from healthy, but they taste so darn good!



And since it was our last night on the west coast and I hadn’t had ANY special ice cream treat yet, I turned to my Yelp app to find some good ice cream close by to my aunt + uncle’s house.  Most of what I found were chains (Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins), but after seeing this little Mexican place with 4.5 stars from over 100 reviews, I knew I had to check it out.

La Flor de Mexico sells ice cream as well as palettas (Mexican popsicles) and extremely unique flavors.  Since I had read several of the reviews, I already had in mind what I wanted.  I decided on the sweet potato ice cream and the Angel’s Kiss ice cream in a cup.  The sweet potato tasted like a subtle pumpkin and was delicious (Matt enjoyed his in paletta form) and the Angel’s Kiss was maraschino cherry ice cream with walnuts, raisins, and marshmallows mixed in.  I was a little worried about the raisins since I figured they would’ve froze and gotten hard, but it was my favorite part!  They were soft and juice and added the perfect touch of sweetness.  LOVED it!


IMG_1653 IMG_1654


It was definitely a very, very busy trip and it went by way too fast!  I loved visiting San Diego for the first time and would definitely return as it is just so beautiful.  And of course I will be back in LA since I love being able to see my family out there.  It’s nice to catch up with the relatives you don’t get to see too often (although Facebook makes it much, much easier to keep in touch).

I’m thinking about doing a post about traveling with an infant as well as how to do theme parks with a baby – would anyone be interested in that?  I learned a lot from reading other blogs but we learned so much along the way that I feel other people might be interested in knowing before they go on a similar trip with their babies.  Let me know if that’s something you would be interested it reading!

  • the next time you’re in LA, check out 21 choices – their ice cream is SO AMAZING!
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  • Those tacos and that ice cream cake look delicious!!!!! What a perfect way to end your vacation for sure.

    **Also thank you again for sharing your vacation in pictures. Your little girl is just too adorable for words. How old is she?
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  • Krista

    Which guy did you see from TMZ?! I would be excited to see one of them too!

  • marie

    Yes, I think both posts would be most helfpul to read/hear about. Please share!

  • It looks like you had an incredible time!
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  • Julie

    Please share the traveling tips post!

  • Laura

    Yes! I would love that post about the theme parks with babies!! We want to take our oldest son to Legoland, but that would require having a baby along for the ride as well! I love advice!

    The Cars part of Disney looks SO COOL!! Have to add that to our long list of family dream vacays, maybe when our little one is old enough to enjoy it too! 🙂
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  • what a fun trip! you guys are the cutest 🙂

    dying to make maraschino cherry ice cream–just saw a recipe for it, need to get on it!

  • Rim

    Plz share, I’m very interested to hear about how you handled naps.