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I have to admit, I am pretty spoiled with how many showers I am receiving to welcome our baby girl into the world.  We just have many different groups of people that want to shower us with love!

Sunday’s shower was given by my oldest friends and some mom’s from the neighborhood I grew up in.  Most of these women have watched my friends + me go from riding bikes up and down our cul-de-sac to playing sports in high school to going off to college to getting married and now, to having babies!  I’m sure they will be laughing at us as we becomes parents ourselves, saying “See, not as easy as you thought it would be, huh?”  But, I know that they are also so excited for all of us (pregnant or not) to begin new journeys in our lives.


Julie (due Jan. 11), me, + Jessie (due Jan. 22 – although she didn’t live in our neighborhood, she’s still a good friend)

We again had a delicious spread of food that they happily adapted to my vegetarian preference.  Broccoli + cheddar quiche, banana walnut + poppy seed bread, my favorite salad (romaine, provel cheese (an STL original), hardboiled eggs, red onions and poppy seed dressing), mixed fruit, and delicious mini chocolate + vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache + frosting.



And then, it was on to the gifts.  I went a week ago from having pretty much absolutely nothing for the baby to pretty much having almost everything we need!  We now have several strollers, lots of bath stuff, tons of clothes, and ALL the crib bedding, but you’ll have to wait a little longer before the big nursery reveal!




Overall, it was another wonderful shower that left me feeling so absolutely blessed to have such amazing people in my life.  We are so incredibly lucky to be bringing our daughter into a world filled with people who love us so much and I know will love her even more!


Thank you to everyone who came and a very special thank you to the people who hosted such a wonderful shower!  I haven’t stopped smiling!