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**Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by On Running.  On Running gave me their product in exchange for a blog post review.  All opinions are my own.**

I started running seriously my freshman year of college.  I had some old running shoes lying around from my high school track days that worked well, so I wore those pretty much until they died.  I stayed pretty brand loyal until about a year or so ago, when my “brand” stopped making my favorite running shoe.

Since then, I have been on a search for a good replacement shoe.  And I’m pretty picky about my running shoes.  I have a few requirements when it comes to my PERFECT running shoe:

  • It should be light enough that I can race in them without them feeling like they slow me down.
  • I shouldn’t think about them when I am running.
  • They should be comfortable + cute (like me!)

I’ve had the opportunity to test out a few different shoes the past year or so.  Some shoes I’ve absolutely loved; others, I’ve hated with a passion.  So much so even that I’ve returned them to the store.  But, I really haven’t found a shoe I’ve been in love with…

That is, until I found the On Running CloudFlow.

When I first received the box of shoes from On Running, I was a little worried at first.  They looked HUGE compared to the shoes I had been running in.  I even double checked the size because I thought maybe I didn’t order a US size, but sure enough, they were the right size.  I tried them on, and they fit perfectly.  I had enough room in the toe box that it wasn’t squeezing my toes together (I have neuromas and a wider toebox is essential in my running shoes).  I spent the first day with them just walking around in them at work – I know this will sound stupid, but my feet really did feel like they were on clouds!  They were comfortable, perfectly cushioned, and my feet never hurt once, even while I was on them all day long.

I was equally impressed when I ran in them.  They didn’t feel bulky or like they were weighing me down on my runs, for both easy runs + my speed workouts.  While they aren’t the lightest shoes I’ve worn (I’m used to racing flats for the most part), my foot responded well and they felt pretty weightless!  Like I said, I don’t want to have to think about my shoes when I run, and I definitely forget that I’m wearing them!

I seriously think I’ve finally found a brand that I can be loyal to for awhile now!  I’m excited to try some of their other shoes and hopefully find some great On Running racing flats in the near future!  I’m asked all the time if I like them since they are very new to the US… and I can honestly say that I LOVE them!