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Despite the bad news of Pujols going to the L.A. Angels (I’m not as bitter as most St. Louisans), I received some great news the other night…

I am now a FitFluential AmbassadorFitFluential is a company connecting fitness lovers with brands that promote a healthy lifestyle.  We want all fitness fanatics to join us in motivating + influencing everyone around us to get active + healthy.  And, you don’t have to be a blogger to be part of the family!  I am so excited for this amazing opportunity and hope that I can help you become as passionate about fitness as I am!  If you’re interested in finding out more information about FitFluential, head on over to the website and join the mailing list, follow FitFluential on Twitter, or apply to become an ambassador!

OK, now that we’ve taken care of business… 🙂


I know I’ve talked about my limited time in the gym a lot lately.  Seriously, I look forward to those 30 to 45 minutes at the gym every day since it is pretty much the only time I have for myself these days.  Unfortunately, 30 to 45 minutes isn’t a lot of time to get in a run and lift weights.  To compensate for my lack of gym time, I am trying out some at-home workouts.

Ashley recently wrote about several different workout programs she was interested in trying and one really caught my eye:  Body Rock.  Body Rock is very similar to CrossFit in that their workouts are short + intense, focusing on compound (large muscle groups+ several muscles involved at the same time) and functional movements.  However, the difference was what really sold me on Body Rock:  while CrossFit is mostly done in a gym (and they recommend a CrossFit gym, but you can definite do the workouts in your classic, every day gym), Body Rock’s workouts can all be done AT HOME!  Perfect for this currently-stay-at-home mom with limited gym time.

I’ve done 4 workouts so far, ranging from 7 to 20 minutes, and holy cow am I sore!  I’ve had to modify the workouts just a little bit since I (a) don’t have a sandbag (I’m using a 25 pound weight plate instead) and (b) am still recovering a bit from childbirth/surgery.

These workouts definitely are not a walk in the park.  Tuesday, I did 200 (yes, 200!) sumo squats to a step up, 100 on each side.  My hammies, glutes, and quads have been killing me since then.  I feel lucky that I have been able to walk the past few days, let alone run.  However, I crave that sore feeling and if I thought I was sore beyond my limits, I would be taking a lot more recovery time.  But, I feel like my body is adapting pretty well.  That, and I have been modifying the workouts to suit my fitness level – using my body weight on many exercises instead of a weight and girly pushups instead of the incredibly hard reptile pushups the workouts this week have called for.  I think this is essential for ANY workout program.  If you can’t do the move correctly because of too much weight or the exercise is just too hard in general, modify it so that you can do it!  You’ll still get the same benefit that you would doing the harder exercise, I promise!

So, am I going to stick with Body Rock?  I promised myself I would at least finish out this week’s workouts, but I’m also wanting to try to create some of my own at-home workouts with the equipment I do have.  So, I’m not sure I will do Body Rock full time.  I might throw in some of their workouts here or there when I can’t make it to the gym and need something quick and with minimal equipment.  The workouts are definitely kicking my butt, so if you’re looking for quick, intense, at-home workouts, I definitely recommend trying out Body Rock. 

Any other workouts you would recommend trying?  I am open to any and all suggestions!

Does anyone else start singing LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” when they say/see/hear Body Rock?  No?  Just me?