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Today marks the first day of half marathon and 5K training! I haven’t really mentioned it too much but I am actually doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll remix challenge up in Chicago in July. The remix means that I will be running the 5K on Saturday morning and the half marathon on Sunday morning. I feel like it’s a mini version on Disney’s Goofy Challenge – but really, it’s nowhere near as difficult, ha! Maybe someday I’ll actually get the guts to train for Goofy, but I have to be able to afford it first! So, for now, the remix challenge is more my league – and I’ll be coming home with 3 medals that weekend.

To say I’m excited to be training for something again is a complete understatement. I’ve felt so much more like myself running lately and it’s been really encouraging to actually push myself and not feel the effects of it days later. My times are dropping and I’m able to run longer too. My longest run still has only been 5 miles (my planned 6 miler was thwarted by a trip to Branson – totally worth taking the weekend off, BTW), but I have plenty of time to build up to a 12-miler before the race.


As far as a training plan, I was hoping to get back to the training plan that I had been following last spring before I got pregnant. But, after trying to build back my mileage too quickly, I decided I needed a more conservative approach. So, I went back to my tried-and-true Hal Higdon program. For the most part, I am using his conservative approach to increasing mileage, but using my own speed training workouts. I did the first 2 weeks as a build-up to training and I think this is going to be absolutely perfect for where I’m at fitness-wise right now.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.34.27 PM

I also am going to have some accountability now as far as strength training goes. My 2 coworkers at school and I are going to start working out consistently after work. We all just really need some accountability and are looking for some short, quick, and tough workouts. I think I’ve finally convinced them to give CrossFit a try – although I know one is a little nervous it’ll be too tough. I’m going to be using these workouts eventually, but am going to try building them up to that point first. I desperately need the accountability right now. Thankfully, I’m almost done with my grad class this semester (stupid thesis prospectus is kicking my butt and is due TODAY) and I should be a little less distracted in the coming weeks.

As far as goals go for the remix challenge, I don’t have a time goal for either race. I know that I’m not in peak racing shape right now and don’t expect to PR either race. I’m making the 5K my “goal” race and will be trying to race that one. I don’t have a time goal in mind right now, but we will see how training goes. It might just be a way to assess my speed and something to work off of. I know I won’t be anywhere near a sub-20 minute 5K, but I’d like to at least have a decent race. So, I’m focusing my weekday training on building speed.

The half marathon is going to be my “fun” race! I’m hoping to meet up with some other Rock ‘n’ Bloggers at the race, and maybe find someone who is running about my pace to just shoot the breeze with. Overall, I just want to enjoy the race and not worry about my speed. I’ve NEVER just run a race to have fun, so that’s my goal. Enjoy the half, enjoy Chicago, and have FUN!

RnR Code

Come run and ENJOY the half marathon with me!  Use the code CONCRETERUNNER to get $15 off your race fee!

And the best part of all: Matt and I are going to be heading up to Chicago WITHOUT the kids! I’m so pumped to just have a weekend alone, just the 2 of us! I think Matt will run the 5K with me and then just sightsee on Sunday while I’m running the half. But, I plan on getting some good touristy stuff in while we are there. I think a tour of Goose Island is in store for sure, but we would LOVE more suggestions on what to do while we’re up there – sightseeing, food, etc.