#rnrstl training: bringing back the speed

I’m still on a little bit of a high from Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago.  Both races were just the confidence booster I needed.  While my training wasn’t perfect, I made it to the start line and finished both races better than I had anticipated.

But, now it’s time to start seriously thinking about my training goals.  While I do like running half marathons, the training (for me) is just too much with 2 kiddos.  I just don’t enjoy spending my limited time I get with my kiddos on the weekend running for 2 hours.  I’d rather bust out a quick 8-miler, which takes about an hour for me, and call it a day.  I can still sleep in a little bit (yes, 6AM is sleeping in for me) and spend the entire day with my family.  So, I’m back to shorter, easy runs (5-6 miles at the most during the week with a 6-8 miler on the weekend) and really focusing on my speed.  I am so happy with my “starting” 5K time, but it’s still quite a ways away from where I really want to be.  I’m wanting to be back closer to that sub-20 minute 5K, so I have quite a bit of work to do to get back there.

My next race on the ol’ race calendar is Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis.  I decided to switch from the half marathon down to the 10K instead. If I want to focus on speed, I cannot have a half marathon as my next race.  #RNRSTL is only 12 (now 11) weeks away, so it’s already back into training once again.


One of the perks of being a Rock ‘n’ Blogger!  And yes, that’s a lightbulb.  We’re still working on light fixtures.  That one is being switched out with a can light if that won’t void our warranty.

My other goal for these next 12 weeks is to build back my strength.  Strength training has been non-existant this summer, thanks to wanting to sleep, family, and grad school.  I’m going to be doing a few weeks of basic body building workouts (squats, bench, deadlifts, etc.) before I get back into CrossFit workouts.  I also am trying to work on my core strength and stability – especially since I self-diagnosed myself with diastasis recti.  So, I’m doing everything I can to fix that while still running, which isn’t going to be easy.

Here is how week 1 of #RNRSTL training went:

Monday:  5.1 mile easy run (8:34/mile) – It felt great to be running again after a week off.  Took it nice and easy and felt great, for the most part.

Strength – 2 rounds:
Barbell Sumo Squats 15x, 25#
Dumbbell Alternating Press 15x, 12.5#
Shoulder Press 15x, 25#
Front Squat 15x, 25#
Push-ups from Knees 15x
Bench Dips 15x

Tuesday:  4 mile easy run (8:23/mile)

Strength – 3 rounds:
Glute Bridges 15s
Plank 30s
Side Plank 20s each
Reverse Lunge with Twist 20x

Wednesday:  3 mile stroller run (9:10/mile) – MacKenna woke up before I was able to leave and wanted to come with me.  Flat tires do not make for an easy run…


Strength – 2 rounds:
Sumo Deadlifts 15x, 45#
Bent-Over Rows 15x, 45#
Face Pulls 15x, red band
Deadlifts 15x, 45#
Band Lat Pulldown 15x, blue band
Sumo to High Pull 15x, 25#

Thursday:  6 x hill sprints (3 miles @ 8:05/mile) – I decided to keep it short since I’m still technically in recovery mode, but felt decent.

Strength – 3 rounds:
Glute Bridges 15x
Windshield Wipers 15x each

Friday:  2 mile easy run (7:50/mile) – Too fast for an easy run but I got a late start in the morning.  MacKenna wants to run EVERY run with me now…


Saturday:  6 mile long run (8:26/mile) – Tried to keep it as easy as possible.  I wanted to feel comfortable and not worry about my pace.  Slowest the middle 2 miles but felt pretty good the rest of the time.  Gotta build my speed endurance back up.


Sunday:  OFF

This week is my last week of morning runs before going back to work next week.  I’m ready and I’m not.  But one thing I am happy about is my choice to step down as the varsity volleyball coach.  Volleyball tryouts start today and instead of stressing over tryouts and practices, I get to enjoy 5 extra days with my babies.  I am one happy mama!