#rnrstl training 2016: week 1

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Well, it was definitely a tough week for my first week of training.  I was back to early morning workouts, but still an hour later than when I’ll be waking up for the next 10 weeks.  Blah.  What made it even worse was that it rained 4 mornings last week.  Ugh.  Thankfully, I was able to get ONE run in outside during the week between rain storms, but other than that run and my long run, my runs were done on the treadmill.  So very frustrating!  I have not had to run on the treadmill all summer until this past week, and of course it was my last week of summer and I was hoping to be able to hit the track at least one day.  Not so much.


So, yeah, the week didn’t quite go how I wanted it to, but I still had some decent runs on the treadmill, and I got to blast my Hamilton soundtrack all week during my runs.  Yeah, I’m obsessed!  I even decided to watch YouTube videos of Hamilton one morning on the treadmill.  I have problems…

I had a 5K time trial built into my training plan that I was able to make into my long run.  I did a mile warm-up and cool down with a hard 5K in the middle.  I just did a 2 mile time trial the week before, so I had a good idea of where I’m starting, but I wanted to do a 5K since I tend to be more of a 5K runner.  Of course it wasn’t a race, so my time is probably a little slower, but it gave me a good gauge on my fitness.  Believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten slower since my 5K back at the beginning of June.  Some of it, I think, is probably the weather – the heat + humidity have not been kind to me.  But, I also know that I really need to focus on hitting the speeds and NOT trying to kill myself to hit the times I WANT to be at, when I’m clearly not at those times.  So, I’m slowing things down for a bit and will do another time trial in a month or so to make sure I’m making some progress.  My 30s have not been nice to me as far as speed goes, but I’m determined to get back down under 20 minutes in the 5K and hopefully PR in the half marathon, oh, sometime, if not in October.

Monday:  Treadmill – 10 x 1 minute @ 10mph with 1:30 walking rest (3.82 miles @ 9:09/mile, including rest time)

10 minutes EMOM:
Even:  Deadlifts 10x, 75 lbs
Odd:  Pushups 10x

Tuesday:  Treadmill – 5K @ 85% 10K pace (3.11 miles @ 8:08/mile)

2 rounds:
Split Squats 15x, 10 lbs
Squats 15x
Alternating Lunges 30x
Broad Jumps 15x

Wednesday:  5K @ 80% 5K pace (3.11 miles @ 8:24/mile)


Thursday:  30 minutes of P90X3 yoga

10 minutes AMRAP:
Burpees 5x
Pushups 10x
Squats 15x
Situps 20x


Friday:  Treadmill – 6 x 800 with 2:30 rest (3.95 miles @ 7:39/mile – NOT including rest)

4 rounds:
Pushups 5x
Bench Dips 10x
V-Ups 15x


Saturday:  5K time trial (3.10 miles @ 7:03/mile) + plus 1 mile warm-up/cool down

Sunday:  OFF

Total:  19.09 miles

Now, it’s on to 4AM runs and starting to get some weights added in to the mix!  Here’s hoping for an uneventful and stress-free school year (a girl can dream, right?)!


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