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I don’t know how those of you who run half marathons and marathons all the time do it…

I ran my longest run in a year and a half Saturday morning.  It was only 9 miles, but it was definitely not my favorite run all week.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was not a bad run at all.  In fact, it was actually my fastest run all week and I felt pretty fabulous the entire run.  But, marathoner, I am not.  I am actually contemplating not running more than a 10 mile run (which I’m slated to do this coming weekend) before the half marathon.  And then I remember I decided to do that before my first postpartum half marathon after having MacKenna and how torturous those last 3.1 miles were.

So, I will be cursing my way through my next 3 long runs.  I’m starting to rethink doing the half marathon  in October, but then I remember that I already signed up to run GO! St. Louis in April, so I might as well just go ahead and run a half in the fall too.  Plus, I know that once I get these first few long runs under my belt, the other ones won’t be nearly as bad.


Monday:  400m warm-up run
For time:
Run 400m (1:43)
Situps 100x
Run 800m (3:10)
Squats 75x
Run 1200m (5:06)
Pushups 50x
Run 1600 (7:23)
Pullups (asst.) 25x
Run 200m (9:40)

Tuesday:  4 mile easy run (8:08 pace)
5 rounds:
Situps 20x
SDHP 20x, 25#

Wednesday:  3 mile easy run (8:06 pace)
3 rounds:
Dips 20x
Pushups 20x
Situps 20x
Plank 20s

Thursday:  1 mile run (7:35)
Front Squats 8-5-3-5-8x, 65#

Friday:  5 minute warm-up, 20 x 20s leg speed w/ 1 minute recoveries, 5 minute cool down (4.5 miles total @ 8:07 pace)

Saturday:  9 mile long run (8:04 pace)

Sunday:  OFF

Total:  25.5 miles

Have a great week!