#rnrchi training: week 5

#rnrchi training: week 5

Well, I officially survived parenting both kiddos by myself for 48+ hours without losing my mind – or my cool either.  Matt was at the state track meet from Thursday morning until Saturday night, leaving me home alone with both kids.  I have to admit, I’m not handling being the mom of 2 as gracefully as I had anticipated.  But, I got through the first part of the weekend without pulling out my hair.  So, win for Mama…


OK, not winning with this one. I went and bought some mesh bumpers for him yesterday.

Of course, with Matt gone, fitting in solo workouts was a little tougher.  I ended up packing up both kiddos and took them to the gym so I could get an hour all to myself.  I did a quick HIIT workout, followed by a 30 minute swim!  After my 8 mile run last Sunday and running the next 4 days after that, my body was screaming at me for some rest.  The swim felt amazing – it was my first time in the pool since my triathlon 2 summers ago.  Luckily, I didn’t feel like I had lost too much swimming fitness and didn’t need nearly as much rest as when I first started swimming 2 years ago.  My shoulder hurt for a day, but other than that, it was a great workout.


I also celebrated National Stroller Running Day yesterday with my favorite little guy!  We did a nice 5 mile run together (well, he napped) to finish up the week of workouts.


Monday:  4M easy run (8:01 pace)

Tuesday:  3M easy run (8:04 pace)

Wednesday:  4M easy run (8:27 pace)

Thursday:  5M hilly fartlek run w/ 12+ hill sprints (8:08 pace)

Friday:  1000m swim:
200m WU
5 x 50m in 90s
100m easy
5 x 50m in 90s
200m CD

Saturday:  OFF

Sunday:  5 miles w/ the single stroller (9:00 pace)

Total:  21 miles


  • Misszippy

    He’s so adorable! And I can remember handling both kids when they were little and my husband traveled–it’s just not easy. I’m glad you got through it and now have reinforcements on hand!

  • Amber B.

    I love the running partner onesie so much! Where did you get it?

    I’ve had a couple weeks on my own with one kid and its tough not getting a break! I can’t imagine doing it with 2.

  • nice work! he’s just the cutest!