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Schools. Out. For. Summer!  Even with it being Memorial Day – a day I would have had off even if school wasn’t finished for the year – it doesn’t feel like the end of the school year.  But, I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer so far:  beer, bonfires, and the big screen!  We spent the last few evenings in the backyard with the neighbors, watching sports + movies and just chilling.  If this is what the first few days of summer are like, I can tell it’s going to be a great one!


I also spent Sunday morning running my longest postpartum run yet.  And I am feeling it!  My goal was supposed to start out slow and finish the run with my last 2 miles as my fastest.  Well, thankfully, goal achieved, but it certainly wasn’t easy.  I ended my run with my feet burning and a bloody toe.  Plus, another toe that feels like a black toenail coming on – again.  I am very thankful that this coming weekend is a cutback week – and National Stroller Running Day on Sunday!  Who’s taking their kiddos out for a run?!

Besides being sore and tired, it was a great week of workouts.  I had to skip all strength training due to a very busy schedule, but I’m hoping to start getting in some good at-home workouts in this week.

Monday:  3.5 mile run (7:54 pace)

Tuesday:  4 miles total w/ 20 x 20 seconds + 1 minute recoveries (7:43 pace)


Wednesday:  3 mile run (7:38 pace)

Thursday:  OFF – spent some time running through inflatable obstacle courses, which completely + totally wore me out!


Friday:  4 mile tempo run w/ 1 mile warm-up + cool down and 2 miles @ 7:31/7:38 (7:49 pace)

Saturday:  OFF

Sunday:  8 mile long run (8:05 pace)

Total:  22.5 miles